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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lord Hill ~

Down the trail we go~
Lynn & I were determined to get in at least one ride this week!  Sophie had pulled a shoe yesterday - so that had to be re-set, I called Garmin - to find out that somehow my data from yesterday's ride was corrupted & had to be deleted before I could add any further tracts.  Bummer - since I'd wanted to see where we'd ridden yesterday.  That took a while - so I was a little late meeting Lynn & Jack at the Lord Hill parking.
Wetland nirvana!
Today, Lynn decided to take us in the reverse direction from what we usually ride - so both mares were distracted by the change :-)  Neither were very motivated & it was Warm!  Should I even mention the word "hot"?  It was for me, close to 80 & very humid - with all the water around.  I did learn that I cannot wear synthetic tights - regardless of how much I'd like to.  Yesterday I was OK, I wasn't hot enough for long enough to have a problem.  But today - it was warm the entire ride & I wanted to rip them off about 1/2 way through.
The next wetland~
It was beautiful - our most incredible time of year, with the ferns opening their new fronds, flowers still blooming & all the trees fully leafed out.  We covered most of the trails & ended up at the outlook, where I proceeded to lay down on the cool grass.  I'd been drinking, eating bites of a power bar & and still went into my melt phase.  After a short time horizontal, I was up & decided to finish the ride on foot.  (After Farah - I think - nipped at my back yesterday when she thought I was walking too slow - I was watching her today!)  There was just one little push on the middle of my back :-)
Mt. Rainier
As often as we've ridden here - today for the first time Lynn spotted Mt. Rainier peaking around the trees that have grown so much that the Lookout is not much of one any more.  After my 1.5 mile walk - I felt better when we returned to the trailers.  Several rigs there today - the most we've seen in a while, everyone out enjoying the sunshine.

Once home, Farah enjoyed her bath - I get wet too & it feels so good to us both!  The rest of this week, I'm going to kick back, run errands etc.  Looking forward to seeing another big snow covered volcano!  Mt. Adams!

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