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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meeting Friends & Fluid Plans~

I ended up with a busy week of riding!  First with Dena - who I ride with so seldom, then with Joyce - who I hope will be spending More time in the saddle.  Today I'd planned to head south & meet-up with Lynn & Amanda - who had scheduled a Saddle-Up ride from the Redmond Watershed.  I'm not keen on parking there - after hearing of the break-in's.  The trailer area is surrounded by trees & secluded enough that it makes it a little easier for thieves than the wide-open parking at KTP.  It was too late for Amanda to change the venue - so she left on the Tuscany Loop from there, while Lynn & I left from KTP.  We figured that if we started the loop in reverse - that we'd Have to find Amanda!
Cato greets Farah~
 Farah was in the lead - we were trotting right along - when around a corner came Cato!  Farah hit the breaks & recognized him right away!  It's been a while since these two friends have seen each other - but that didn't stop them from saying; "Hi"!~  Amazingly enough - Farah didn't strike or squeal, very polite howdy do by both!
A new friend - Jan, with Amanda on Kato~
As it warmed up out in the sun, we stuck to the nice shaded trails & admired the incredible fresh green growth of the ferns, smell of the fresh air & beauty of another picture perfect day.  We all rode together to the spot where Amanda needed to make the turn back to the Redmond Watershed & Lynn directed us the other direction to finish out a loop & head back.
Welcome Lake
We ambled through the Lake of the Woods housing area - admiring the Rhody's all in full bloom & so beautiful!  Once back at Kathryn Taylor we climbed the hill to see if it was clear enough to see Seattle.  Not quite - but the Olympics were out!
View from the Top~
Now...  We're taking a few days off so I can catch up at home!  After our weekend at Mt. Adams, we've traveled another 40+ miles on trail.  Friends asked why I didn't give Farah time off?  Short answer - she didn't need it!   For so many years when I was working full time & more - I had to rush to find time to ride.  I never really had a horse in the kind of shape that they should have been - in for the way I like to ride.   Doing Endurance was a strain on them & on me - but hind sight is always 20/20.

I feel so lucky now, to be at this place in time - able to enjoy the trails with Farah - who has only gotten stronger & enjoys her work.  Having the time to ride makes the difference.  I truly felt done with Endurance, but after bringing Farah on for almost three-years now, I was curious to know if she had what it takes.  I've discovered that there's a huge difference between riding a horse that is marginally fit & one that actually is.  For one thing - it's easier on us both.   Farah has made it plain that she does enjoy the competition & of course I still do too, especially with her!  I try to keep my plans fluid & hope in the future to do a few of the rides that have been on my bucket list for years.  We'll see where the trails lead~


  1. Sound Like you Ladies had fun! Good to see Amanda on Kato again (all smiles & relaxed)

  2. Are you thinking Tevis?? :)

    It sure has been gorgeous this week, perfect riding weather!

  3. Laura Lee - NO! Maybe 20-years ago w/this mare :-) Maybe one of the Redwoods rides~


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