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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Farah!

On the Trail~
It was a busy day - our "Birthday Bunch" had another birthday to celebrate!  We enjoyed our lunch at Big Lake.  I got home with enough time left in the afternoon to take Farah out for her Birthday Ride!  Today she's eight-years old!  How fast have almost three-years have flown by!
Spectacular Wetland
I decided to head up to the power lines, then instead of our usual route north, we turned south - into the future development - then onto the trails south.  It was so darn beautiful out - hearing water running almost everywhere was so peaceful. 
Further up the waterway~
My long-distance friend Peggy Davidson just received the coveted Decade Team award - with her amazing horse Dakota.  In her interview, she attributed the partnership that she has with Dakota to the miles that they were on the trail alone.  It seems no matter how hard I try to ride with others - I end up riding alone most of the time.  Farah doesn't get the time with other horses that I'd like - time that I could use to hone her skills riding in groups.  Somehow - I don't think it's going to hurt us any - Farah is so forward that we can click out a ride in good time all on our own.
False Lilly of the Valley
That's what we did today - went clicking along, me admiring the flora & fana, Farah eating as much of it as she possibly could grab on the go~ 
Our little waterfall trail~
As we started down the paved hill toward home - the neighbors cattle decided to come across the field at us, they had some really cute new calves in the herd.  Farah whirled, bolted (Back up the hill, thankfully.) & tried to run off - as a heifer chased her from the far side of the fence!  When the heifer ran out of pasture, Farah slowed & I got her stopped.  I dismounted & ran at the herd - which sent them running off to the far side of the pasture.  Farah - right behind me, thought this was pretty cool!   I can see some work with cattle in our future :-)
View from the top of our road~
Once on our road, I went ahead & rode up the length of our place - then - past the dogs from hell - who raced at their fence growling, barking etc., the bigger one almost taking the older one out in his hurry to reach us...  I ignored them, went on to the end of our road, took this photos & rode the gauntlet back past the place - as the owner stood in the shadows of his shop - watching...  Someday - maybe they'll move...  I can always hope!

Anyway - Happy Birthday to the mare who's rapidly becoming my second horse-of-a-lifetime.  How lucky can I be?

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  1. Happy birthday, pretty girl! LOL at the killer cows - she'll be a menace when she realizes they will run from her!


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