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Friday, September 5, 2014

Is it Hot Again?!

The coolest part of our ride~
It was amazing how nice an evening we had yesterday - just perfect, then the coolness swept in & it was a nice night for sleeping too!

Today- Linda & I wanted to ride - but neither of us were very ambitious.  A trail Linda had hoped to have a volunteer clear yesterday - didn't get done, so we decided to just do our somewhat usual loop. 
Looking NW
There was still a layer of haze out over the islands & water, once we were in the sun - it was instantly warm.  The trails literally were washed with Tuesday's hard storm - all the tree detritus that usually covers the dirt trails - had been washed downhill & left in big piles at the bottom of the hills - making the climbs extremely slippery.  Farah's new shoes helped!
Farah grazes
Once at the monument, we took a break, ate our lunch & weren't in any hurry to leave.
Linda gets "mail" :-)
Count is enjoying his new Reactor Panel girth - Linda has worn through two - this is her third!  :-)  Finally - we decided to move on & out.
Out on the ridge~
The above trail is getting hammered by invasive plants, the thistle, & scotch broom are taking hold.  It's up there on the list of trails yet to get done before it's too late, but that will be another day...  Cutting the trail won't remove the weeds...
Whitehorse & Three Fingers - still have snow
Looking east, the air was much clearer & the view of the mountains was really outstanding.  Before too long, the storm clouds will again roll in & I'm looking forward to seeing those changes.

We were back early enough that I could move my Chiropractic appointment. up an hour.  I was almost late, went running down the street & passed a tall guy with ear buds in.  I was laying on the table, happy to be flat - when Jay walked in & said;  "Busted - for running past your Chiropractor who's told you to TAKE it EASY!"  :-)  Almost done with my treatment, I am feeling much better - but was reminded that there's still some healing to do :-)

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  1. WOW, those photos are Stunning. It's been such a gorgeous summer. I've noticed thistles EVERYWHERE too. Glad the chiro treatments are going well.


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