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Monday, September 8, 2014

Workin' Out!

Jesse & Target
Farah has been in rare form the last couple days - she tore around the pasture like a crazy horse yesterday...  Why do I get in trouble when the mare acts up?  :-)  I was told that I need to ride her more!?

Today - Joyce & I had our ride planned & Farah was Oh So happy to see Jesse - her second favorite to Target - who she finds more handsome.  Even so, she was throwing her head, threatening Jesse & moving out like we were as Joyce said;  "Going to a fire."  Joyce has a plan for a upcoming ride that she wants to condition for & has pretty much talked me into going - though with my own plan :-)
The brown spot is a deer
With all these plans - we're picking up the pace, Farah as usual was more than up for that!  We did see a young doe - but besides a few fishermen walking to the river, all was quiet.
Love this stand of trees - with just a few large Douglas Fir
 We went here & there, Joyce as usual finding the best of the good trotting trails.  We did make a few stops for blackberries & saw plenty of Bear scat too!
Jackson doing what we'd have liked to!
It was nice having Jackson with us - running up ahead & even through Farah gave him some terribly dirty looks - he has forgotten getting kicked!  I had to warn him off more than once!
Joyce & Jesse
Since it was close to a perfect day to ride, we were out for almost three hours & it still seemed to go way too fast.  We went down along the area that was logged last season & looked over at the parking area - kind of a novel view.
Bracken Trailer Parking
We're still waiting for some of the upcoming seasons color...  There are some leaves falling & trotting along, we got just the first whiff of the scent of Fall.

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  1. Isn't that scent of fall wonderful? I'm also hoping for some great color and have seen a little on the viney maples but the rest seem to just be browning, shriveling and falling off to the ground for the most part.

    Love that picture of Jackson laying in the water!


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