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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Markin' Trail!

Is it HOT out?
Sat. morning we headed north to the Les Hilde Trail-head & the Cowboy Campsite - just beyond.  This area is one of our old favorites, though we haven't spent much time here in the last few years.  Our last visit was June of last year, when I tried my first Competitive Mounted Orienteering ride.
Farah settled in~
We were here to help Samantha mark trail for the NWNHC Family Fund.  A great cause that helps military families in a variety of ways.   I didn't realize that it was the first year for this event & the work involved in putting a benefit ride on!  We camped in one of the guest spots at the private Cowboy Campsite.  It's amazing how this area has grown & how many spots were unused on such a beautiful weekend.
Farah & Butch enjoy the shade :-)
It was again HOT!  Mid-80's & very humid.  Trails that had been bone dry a week ago - now were muddy & slippery - so this area received some rain that the rest of us didn't!  There were about six riders heading out for the trail marking ride & to see the trails.
Sam leads the way :-)
By the time we rode what was to be a bonus loop - it was decided that it was too technical for the ride.  It was beautiful though & had a couple creek crossings that I remembered, one with a very steep climb up, then - since it was to be a loop - the slide down :-)  We returned to camp just before dark & scarfed down some very good hamburgers, salads etc.
Google Earth image of Cowboy Campsite
I don't have a photo to illustrate - but the stars were just Outstanding!  We used to see those stars at home years ago. Friends would come up during the day - leave after dark & say two things.  The first was usually;  "Boy it's dark out here!"  Followed closely by;  "Oh the stars are Amazing!"  No longer - now we have two unwanted street lights, more homes built in the valley etc.

Farah had a miserable night... :-(  The Elk started bugling & I just LOVE that sound!  Farah did NOT!  She spent the entire night trotting around her paddock & making her HUGE "HUFF" sound every once in a while.  When she did, the Nika would start growling...  Butch & Rascal had no problem sleeping through the entire thing - but I was awake more than asleep.  Neither of us could remember any of our horses being as upset as Farah was... 


  1. Great Post! I was up there with a friend riding on Saturday too! Didn't go by the cowboy campsites this time but ride on many of the trails surrounding it on one of my favorite loops :) Where was the loop for the benefit ride--which trails?

  2. I'm not sure on the trails... But I think Firebreak, part of Alder? The route circled camp. We didn't get all the ribbons up until late Sat. evening & Sam finished up Sun. morning ahead of the riders :-)


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