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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wonderfully Cooler!

Rao & Farah
My very long-time friend & neighbor Pat - (The Only neighbors that we call friends.) & her daughter Donnie have a beautiful new horse trailer - giving them the wheels to get back out on the trails!  It was Pat that we bought my first mare from, then Butch's gelding.  It was Pat who got us back into horses, riding & probably changed the direction that our recreational life might have gone :-)  That's a lot for one person!  :-)  During those early years, we rode two or three times a week out from home - onto the trails that were - then - beautiful, forested, quiet & so private.

We explored everywhere - getting horses in condition for our very first trip away, to the American Diabetes Ride at the Evergreen Sportsman's Club, Capitol Forest. Those rides were so much fun - again, all the trails were horse trails.  The forest was less used & very scenic.  Before years of continued logging, invasive plant species, etc.  Before we horsemen had to start sharing with bikes & all other users.
Pat on Neva, Donnie & Rao
Today, after who knows how many years - we were riding together again!  Farah was a different mare from yesterday, low key & relaxed.  She knows Donnie well, since she occasionally feeds her when we're away.  I'd promised a trip to the Monument & thought I'd be able to guide a nice loop in about 8-miles.  Well... Since I'm usually chasing miles rather than looking for short routes - we ended up doing ten-miles!
Rao & Donnie
Rao is 23 this year, half-brother to KH Khaz, the chestnut gelding that Butch rode for Competitive Trail & Endurance.  (Khaz died last year.)   Rao was game to go & handsome as ever.
Khaleah & Pat (Ears Up girl!)
Khaleah had only been out on trail a handful of times, but Pat - has those perfect hands that I admire so much. When she rides a horse, the horse complies, yet Pat makes it all look so easy & smooth.
Nature's "Almost Fall" arrangement
Farah & I really enjoyed ourselves, at one point when we stopped for a break - all three horses were napping - including Farah!    We took our time & the horses were cooled out when we returned to the trailers.  No one there today - I was surprised - since it was what I consider a Perfect Day!  Now I'm hopeful that we have a whole lot more!

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