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Thursday, September 4, 2014


More water in Harvey Creek
I'd had plans for a week to ride with a friend today - but life got in the way...  I wanted to ride somewhere - but where?  Thought about doing the Centennial Trail - but in full sun - that can get warm & it was humid anyway.  The more I hope for those cool days of Fall, it seems the more they elude me.  I decided on Bracken - shade & some exploring.  I could think of one area that I hadn't checked out for a while.
No Fall colors here yet~
At the parking lot I was surprised by a hail from my long time friend & neighbor Pat!  She has a beautiful new trailer & so nice to see her getting out to ride again!  Justin put new shoes on Farah yesterday - we pulled the pads & none too soon...  A bruise & what Justin thought might be the beginning of white line...  I'd broken my own rule & padded twice - thinking I'd be doing two rides & only doing one.  Won't make that mistake again!  We were trotting out when we ran into Dory - & met Margie, both finishing up a ride!  Lots of riders out riding - always good!
Clear Cut
Over the creek, we came up into this clear-cut where a hawk was circling overhead.  I thought for sure we'd come to a dead end - but it went on further than I'd hoped.
Ending at two private homes~
As we turned to retrace our steps, I noticed what looked like a trail to our left & took it.  It was!  Quite a nice one along the gully - probably cut in by the horsemen who live here.
Very similar to what my home trails used to look like.  We enjoyed every minute & it went on for quite a little way, circling us back to another small clear-cut that we'd passed on our way.
Small clear-cut
 Now our only option was to head back the way we'd come.  Back down to the little creek where Farah was happy to stand in the water & cool her feet.  I wished I'd brought a small towel & soaked my feet too!  Next time!
It was the coolest we both were all day.  The temperatures didn't get above the mid-70's, but the humidity after all the rain was high.  The breeze helped, but the bugs are still out in full force.  We left this area & headed over to my favorite Tin Bridge.
Heading over to the Green Valley
The Stillaquamish had more water than I'd seen since summer started.  All the rain must have translated into an increased flow & that's a good thing.  As we headed over though - we could hear the sounds of cattle - you know - the horse eating kind?  Bridge?  No problem!  Cattle?  (We're going to fix that, soon!)
The Giraffe look...
They were down in the shade of the trees along the river, breaking branches & moving around to get a better chance of devouring Farah.  I decided to walk the rest of the way to the current end of the Whitehorse & it's a gnarly walk in the heavy gravel - but easier on Farah's newly shod feet.
The blackberry are trying to re-claim the trail~
With all the work on the trail that's going on up in the Darrington area - I sure hope that I can speak softly enough to get this section top-dressed with whatever is decided will mitigate all this loose rock.  At the far end - it's the end - at least to this point.

If can ever draw enough attention to this spot - where there's a big hole...  If it could get opened up -  there's another really nice section of trail until you start coming to the bridges.  With funds now available thanks to a private benefactor to deck the bridges - I have to be hopeful that soon I'll be riding Much further!
The river is making more noise now :-)
Instead, we turned back & headed back.  The day had really warmed up & the flies were awful in spots.  All in all a really nice ride & always fun to find new trail.
P.S. Heading back just as we'd crossed the bridge, a Great Blue Heron was standing in the road!  He took off just as I was pulling out my camera.  Nice to see that at least a few are still surviving here & like to hang out near the creek in the few remaining tall trees!

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