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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Benefit Ride~

Beauty of a Trail!
We laughed at Farah's expense this morning when we looked out to see her pouting, butt to the sun - trying to get some rest after her busy night :-)  I think she must have covered about 50-miles.  With all the other horses around her taking things easy - I can't understand why it upset her so...
Around every corner!
Sam did such a nice job of laying out the trail & the informational signage was interesting to read.  Farah & I left on our own, my mare was really a Great Trail Horse this day :-)  Yesterday, I'd ridden out a Big rounded buck that included a huge Grunt - since the pace didn't suit her :-)
We were both enjoying the relative coolness of the morning~
 Today, we did some trotting, a little gallop but mostly just a nice movin' out walk.  Last night - when I decided to head back ahead of our group, my girl put on her 5-mph walk going back! 
Unnamed Wetland~ 
This wetland was mirror perfect, not a ripple anywhere.  We waded through the shallow end, Farah trekked in without any hesitation - such a difference from her first rides :-)
On the sunshine trail~
When we went through a grove of Alder, all the leaves were on the ground - the smell was rich & very Fall like!  I'd told Butch we'd be out about two-hours, figuring the ride loop was probably around five-miles.  It was a little over, almost six & all of them very pretty.
We return~
We made it back a little early & with the heat of the day upon us - decided to pack up & head for home.  Enjoyed the time away - never long enough & really appreciative of all the work by the many volunteers for a very good cause.


  1. I think that wetland is Cranberry Lake. Not much of a lake, more like a pond, but very pretty. Great trails huh?

    1. It was beautiful & yes! Great Trails! Now I'm worried - as a friend posted to my FB page that the ORV crowd is lobbying to get 1/2 those trails & have a sign saying that they "maintain" them! Need to contact DNR & see what's up... BCH has maintained those trails forever!

  2. That would be AWFUL to have ORV's up there. I've only encountered them once on those trails and that was about 4 years ago. Can't they just ride those noisy things on the DNR roads someplace else?


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