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Friday, October 24, 2014

First Snow~

Whitehorse & Three Fingers
It was 57 degrees when I drove through Arlington on my way to Victoria.  The sun was shining & it was a magnificent morning.  Since this time of year - once the storms start rolling through - I take those breaks in the systems when they come!
Looking NW from the Monument
Farah was on her "A" game this day - once we warmed up on a short stretch of slippery trail, she hit her trot & we were up on top in no time at all!  I think she understood when I said;  "Lunch break on top"!  :-)  I absorbed the sun & hiked a short way down the hill to get clear of the trees for the photo above.
Farah enjoying all the still growing grass~
I wanted to do our big loop, so we didn't stay long, but did go through the dark forest & over to see the view from Lake McMurray.
Pure white fresh snow on the far peaks~
 I wasn't surprised to see the fresh snow on the high peaks. All the rain we've gotten in the lowlands, it's time to expect to see it higher up.  I jogged down the long hill to the bottom & we picked up the trail that goes to the "green mile".  There we found that a couple small trees had fallen over the trail.  One I managed to push out of the way - the other I broke off.  Now the saw has to go back in my saddle bag!
On the Scott Mainline
By the time we came out of the woods & onto the old road, the sun was long gone & clouds had moved in.  The temperature seemed cooler too & I almost wished I'd taken a jacket!  We trotted the whole way to the latest clear-cut & there tried a new road that looked like it might head up the mountain.
The clear-cut
It ended well short of where I'd hoped we might tie-in to a road to the water station, so we had to turn back.  It was getting later in the afternoon by now & we had the big climb back to the top ahead of us.  Farah took it at a steady trot & was in a full sweat at the top.
Vine Maples in Red!
I did finally end my quest to find red Vine Maple leaves though & had to get the photo!  In the higher elevations this is their fall color, here they usually only turn yellow & fall off before it's cold enough to turn them red.

Farah enjoyed her gallop up the hill & we'd just turned onto a trail heading back when we both heard another horse!  Through the trees we could see a big chestnut with a man in black trying to catch us.  I stopped once out on the road & met Mr. Lutz on his big Tennessee Walker.  We made introductions & he said he'd been trying to follow our hoof prints for a while.  It was nice to have company on the way back to the trailer.

Once back in Arlington, I stopped for pizza & the temperature still read 57 degrees!  I was surprised since it felt colder - or maybe it was just me!  Once home - Farah got a warm bath, it was dark when we finished.  Yes - a sure sign that the seasons have changed & Winter will be here before we know it! On this ride we topped 1,300 miles-to-date!

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