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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sunshine Afternoon~

Gorgeous Afternoon
Lynn & I had planned a longer exploratory ride for today - but I couldn't get up the gumption this morning - gray, misting, overcast.  More a morning for hot tea & my audio book.  OK!  I did that!  Then - the clouds parted & I called Lynn.  Yes - she was still up for an afternoon ride!
Harvey Creek
We met at Bracken & I told Lynn about my "new" little loop & she was game to ride it.  It was as pretty as I remembered & with all the recent rain - I wasn't surprised to see Harvey Creek flowing with a lot more water than on my last visit.
Mossy Woods
This trail goes through a section of woods where the moss thrives, along a ridge & above the creek - really pretty & the trails are now getting slippery again.  No more - those dry trails of summertime...
North Fork of the Stillaquamish
I wanted to go to Tin Bridge & see if the bees were gone, after Jerry made two trips over to spray them last week.  The first thing we noticed was obvious right away - the river was up & it was Full of silt!  All coming down from the slide area - the river there - making new paths I'm sure.
Swirling waters~
Now, I'd like to go back to the Haller Trestle & see how the two forks of the river are mixing as they come together there.  The river here had been running almost clear -with the water levels so low - but no longer.
On the bridge
We met a gentleman that had hiked out from the Bryant Store!  It had taken him just over 1-1/2 hours to get here - he was out on the decking as I rode out & soon said that there were bees on the bridge.
There sure were!  It didn't look like the spraying had done much of anything...  They are four boards from the upstream edge of the bridge - so anyone who walks or rides over - be aware!

We finished up our ride by 5, so I had time to make it to the Centennial Trail meeting in Arlington.  So much going on right now - lots of excitement over the Whitehorse & getting the bridges decked!  What would have taken at least ten-years - will now be done in just over a year - we all hope!  The state has decided that a Hawk Activation System will not work for the trail where it crosses 530, so instead - there will be two underpasses built.  Very similar to the one that goes under Hwy 92.  Cost?  1.5 million for each!  Next?  Finding the funding for that!

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