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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Passing Beauty Forward~

Tue. morning I went up to the greenhouse to find that one of my mini geraniums had a bright red, new bloom!  I've managed to get five starts from the two plants I had left at the end of last Winter.  They've all done great & the two mother plants are both healthy & growing.  I clipped off the bloom & took it with me on my way to lunch with friends in Snohomish.
Brilliant Red~
Machias Nursery was on my way - I stopped & showed the bloom to Chris & Dennis.  They were both impressed!  Finding a germanium with a clear, red color isn't easy - but mine are.  That they are small petite blooms that almost look like roses only adds to their appeal.  As luck would have it - Dennis is building a propagation shed.  We'd talked before about the responsibility that I'd taken on years ago - to keep this unknown variety of plant alive & how many times over the years I've almost lost them...  Then - I opened my mouth & offered to bring one of mine to Dennis for his new project.
Chris accepts one of my Mother plants :-)
So, today - as Butch & I were heading out for lunch & hog fuel, we stopped by the nursery & I presented Chris & Dennis with the nicest of the two hardy survivors.  It was akin to sending a child off to boarding school!  Sweet relief to know that I've placed it in good hands & that by spring - I'll be able to see new young & healthy starts that will be propagated over this coming winter.

If you've yet to visit this nursery - now is the time, with a Great Fall sale going on & some stunning plants with tons of Fall color & Winter interest!  Next spring - you might - just might be one of the first to be able to buy one of my geraniums for your own garden!

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  1. Beautiful. I work in a greenhouse, totally get a babies first bloom.


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