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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall on the SVT~

Toward Duvall, on the SVT
Finally the stars aligned, Lynn & met-up at Taylor Landing for a ride on the SVT.  I do love this trail, looking back through my Garmin stats, it seems I end up riding here 3 or 4 times a year.  It was cool when we started out with dark clouds going by overhead.
Typical bridge on the trail~
With funding available to deck the bridges on the Whitehorse Trail, I'm trying now to find out who the contractor will be & what type of decking material they plan to use.  Both for ease of maintenance & non-slip footing in all weather - these pre-formed light weight concrete planks seem to be ideal.
Wetland - Green
The water in the wetland looked like something out of an impressionistic painting!  Swirls of green that moved oh so slowly.
A beautiful stretch of trail~
It was on this section of the trail - during our return that we saw the hunter, complete in his orange, with a shotgun broken open over his shoulder & his two black lab hunting dogs - off leash of course.   Duck hunting season must be open - there are ducks on the wetlands along the trail - but a shotgun with kids on bikes, horses, moms with babies etc.?
At the Tolt~
We rode to the Tolt River.  This was the longest ride that Lynn has taken Sophie on in a while, so she wanted to take it a little easy.  Sophie was fine with that - until we turned back!  Then, as usual - she started her little jog trot with determination!  Farah remembered & just walked along behind unless Sophie made any attempt to trot!  All bets were off at that!  :-)
New interpretative signage~
I was thrilled to see the new signage that describes the different native plants along the trail.  These were all on the section just before the bridge over the Tolt.  I'd hoped to make connection with the Duvall Grand-kids, after they were out of middle school, but the timing didn't work out, I'd forgotten that Cassidy has a music lesson on Wed. after school.  Next time!
Lynn & Sophie as we start back~
Besides the duck hunter...  There are a couple of road crossings that can curl your hair - if you want curly hair...  The highway crossing below at Hwy 203 west of Carnation is one.
New signage here too!
With the limited sight-lines, crossing either direction is very challenging.  The speed limit drops to 40, but the road is heavily traveled.  Just after we'd crossed going out - a logging truck flew by doing at least 60 mph.  Going back, we found a break where only one car was coming from the direction of Duvall.  She too was going way to fast, but while talking on her phone & talking to her passenger & paying absolutely no attention to the traffic coming up behind her - she did slow just enough for us to make it!  More signage out on the road - or a flashing light would be a godsend.
 There are several organic farms along the trail, this field full of flowers was a show stopper!  I hope to go back - again with those Duvall Grand-kids to do some pumpkin hunting again this year!
Another of our amazing native plants - the Snowberry is both unusual & beautiful.  One of the plants that I'd like to find a place for on the Homestead.
Novelty Hill & Hwy 203
 The second road crossing that's a little hairy - is the round-a-bout at the intersection of Hwy 203.  By the time we were coming back, traffic was already heavy & coming from all directions.  Finally - one car stopped & as the rest came pouring off the hill - we could see that they were slowing down.  With a slight break in traffic coming off 203, we trotted across.

Back near town, there were many more people out enjoying the trail.  It was a beautiful day & a beautiful ride!  Nothing finer!

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