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Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring on the SVT~

As we leave Duvall~
What a Spectacular Day!  Lynn & I met in Duvall, it was a no jacket day!  As if the world woke & was starting to burst at the seams!  Everything is popping open!  The light green flush of new growth is Everywhere!  The birds were singing - a few people out on the trail enjoying the warmth!
Beaver Lodge
The Beavers are thrilled with all the water & debris that the flooding brought to their door!  They're using it to enlarge their home!  Farah has been moving better than ever!  Thanks to the incredible saddle that Linda has loaned us.  I used my old - but very good Woolback, shaped to fit the lowered rigging on this saddle & it worked perfectly.
We planned to go to Carnation, but once there - we decided to go ahead to the Griffin Creek trail-head.  There we finally had to turn back.   We set a decent pace on the way out.
The Tolt
 The Tolt River was lower than I'd expected it to be - but it was nice - we waded out & the mares got a good drink.  I was busy being comfortable!  So nice to be back in a saddle with a great seat, rigging in the right place & my legs back where they belong!  Everett has bucking rolls ordered for me - that's the only thing I'll add.
Farah, Grammy & Mason
I knew that Courtney would be picking Grandson Mason up from school - when she called, ten-minutes from the school, we were about ten minutes out of Carnation!  We met at the park where Mason gave Farah cookies & I got my Big hug! 

Heading back to Duvall, Farah really started warming up - she was finally hitting her stride, maintaining & lengthening it.  It's taken this second ride for her to realize that there's no more pinching, rubbing etc. from the saddle.   When I think of all the miles she did last year  - it's amazing that she's kept the good attitude she has when it's time to ride.  I've been very lucky - notice I don't say "smart" -  in that we're finally working through this one issue that every horseman knows can be a tough one.   I'm so happy to be enjoying the ride & to know that my mare is finally comfortable too!


  1. Good to hear that your saddle woes are coming to an end!

  2. Yeah, just an all-over great ride! i spotted our first little yellow flowers peeking out about a week ago.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. Farah has such a sweet, intelligent face. I love it.


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