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Friday, March 7, 2014

Someone was Bad...

On our way up~
We'd planned to Ride!  Lynn called early to tell me it was raining in Monroe.  We had some sprinkles - but the sky was actually getting lighter!  Clouds were lifting - so we met up at the Glass School parking area.  Two small cars were taking up enough space for four rigs, so I pulled the nose of the Bronco right up to the nose of one of the small cars.  The occupant was still inside & wisely decided to leave!
Day trying to clear off~
By the time we'd reached the Monument - there were still plenty of clouds, a cool breeze coming off the mountains - but really the nicest day we've had in a while.  Farah was horrible...  I'd hoped for a gear down today - since she'd had anesthetic for her teeth & the flu vaccine yesterday.  But no - she's also cycling again - & was so high that I was off walking within the first mile.  At one point she elevated totally off the ground - we were airborne & I was getting mad!
Farah looks at Lake McMurray
I told Lynn that I wanted to continue down the road that I'd taken a couple weeks ago & see how much farther it went.  It went further than I'd thought & it actually looped down to the lower road that parallels the eastern boundary of the tree farm.
Road at the bottom~
  I recognized where we were from another time I'd done some exploring & knew that we'd have the big climb back to the top.  Sophie was in her best "work" mode - totally trying to ignore all the head tossing, threats, etc. that Farah was throwing her way.  We hit the start of the climb at a trot.  It didn't take Farah long to realize that if she wanted to keep up, she had to Stop the antics & settle down to business!  We did some galloping too & once at the top, she was covered in sweat & even had some foam on her chest!  Yes!  Success!
After the bath~
By the time we got home, it was still warm enough & light enough that I decided to give her a bath & wash away all that sweat!  Someone by now realized that maybe she should have conserved some of that energy - kicked back & enjoyed her bath.  She did let Butch know, when he pulled in behind us, with the pout - that she'd been mistreated!  :-)


  1. Oh, your poor sweet angel of a horse! Forced to work for her dinner! (Did he fall for it, lol?)

    She looks stunning, C. :)

  2. Oh of course he did! :-) She's a "blond" :-) Thanks!


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