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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of "Those" Days!

Duvall Riverfront Park - under water
Our "plan" such as it was - was to ride the SVT & survey the flooding.  Our daughter Courtney - lives in town & thought that the trail looked open as far as she could see - which it was - except for the one place that both Lynn & I knew would have water...
Trail on the Far Side~
& it Did!  Lots of water - with a nice current flowing.  Not the easy way to start what we'd hoped would be about a 20-mile ride.  Even if we'd crossed - we would have been soaked...  So decided to turn back & head over to Kathryn Taylor Park.
On the Redmond Ridge Trails
It was SUCH a Beautiful day!  Outstanding!  The best of the year-to-date I do believe!  Warm, sunny - just plain Nice!  The problem?  Downed trees!  It seemed almost any trail we took, we found trees down.  A couple we could get over - but this one stopped us.  Even so, we continued on, did some exploring down the side of where new homes are being built - but that "trail" too ended with a very large windfall.
The new 1/2 million dollar overpass
Since crews were working in the area, installing fence etc., we took a short detour & checked out the new bridge.  Almost everyone who uses this area - thought that this would be a overpass for pedestrians, equestrian, etc.  To save us from the scary crossing light on Novelty Hill Rd.  But - no - we've all since found out that all that expense was to build a safe crossing for the Deer!
Deer X-ing!
I didn't get a close-up of the signage, but it plainly says;  "No pedestrians, Equestrians, etc."!  As if anyone would want to try to climb up this muddy hill still being landscaped to make it more Deer "friendly".  In all the time that Lynn has ridden here - she has only seen two deer & those were on the far side, not this side.  Obviously the safety of the deer is paramount to the safety of the trail users!  You've Got to Laugh at the way we try to "corral" wildlife in suburban settings!

Farah was still a handful...  A very large spook from the rear at the sound of an air hose near the industrial park, then fast & nasty 180 when a jogger appeared.  That one almost got me - but instead - she got the stick - TWICE & HARD!  I Still stayed on!  I used the supracore under the Big Horn today - with the thought of dissipating the pressure that may be on her withers.   When I removed the saddle - there was a nice sweat pattern with some dryness behind the wither.  Not bad - or not bad enough to be an excuse for her behavior.

The only semi-good news is that my tree will be the next in line to be built...  Now - if I can just stay in one piece long enough!


  1. Ahhh, not cool that equestrians can't use the deer crossing. But I doubt the planners are quite as concerned with the safety of the deer -- it's the people in the cars who hit the deer they're worried about. Lethal venison :(

  2. That was/is the intent, now the question is whether those two deer will use it? :-)


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