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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunshine & a Cold Breeze!

Fresh snow on the Cascades
Today - we rode!  Jack & Lynn drove up to meet me at Victoria.  We dressed warm figuring that we'd be removing layers as the day was supposed to warm up!  Well... it may have warmed up some places - but up on the ridge & with the wind - it was down right Cold!
Sound side of the mountain~
By the time we'd reached the Monument - we stopped for a short break - but the cold wind soon put us back in our saddles!  Once we headed down & back into the cover of the trees, we did finally escape the breeze & it felt a little warmer.   We did a modification of the loop that I'd figured out last week & went all the way down to Hwy 9.  My new Garmin software no longer allows me to overlay our track onto Google Earth & I miss it so much!  I can see it in the Garmin Connect Dashboard - but there's no tilt/pan or any of the controls that I used to make up my personalized ride map  :-(  Plan to call them & talk about it!  Regardless - we covered over 15-miles & got in 2009 ft. of elevation gain.
We look out at the Hwy
I'm using my HR now - so it's nice to see how high Farah's HR goes & how quickly she recovers.  We need to get in more speed work & now that I have a saddle that I can count on - plan to get some of that done once things dry out a little.  I'd put all my gear on Linda's saddle, including my sheepskin seat cover!  Just love the way it rides & Farah was moving out the best she has in forever - at least when I could get her to stop threatening Sophie!

The Good News!  The raw tree from Randy arrived at Everett's shop yesterday!   We're headed there tomorrow with Farah in tow.  I'd had a ride planned & was really looking forward to it - but so excited to see the tree & hopeful that it will fit Farah!  Then it goes back to UT to be finished before it will again be shipped up to us.  Soon I hope we'll be a step closer to getting mine put back together!  But "oh what a relief it is" to have Linda's to use in the interim! 

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