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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Tree Fits!

On our way~
We've been just darn lucky with this entire saddle journey...  A dry pass the first of February & a dry pass today - late March.  Perfect weather for our second round-trip to Olson's Saddle Shop.  This time - to check the fit on the tree that's been made to fit Farah on the bottom, me & the leather (of my saddle) on the top.  I was hoping that Randy would be a miracle worker & also give me the narrower twist that would make the ride much more comfortable.  All this while keeping the rigging, dish of the seat etc. exactly as it was.
Mr. Olson checks the fit~
I have to say that these trips have been as fun as we could make them...  A lot of miles & expense for a saddle - but all will be well worth the effort if everything comes together as we all hope.  Everett said that when he unpacked the tree - it was still tacky with the sealer - so we know that Randy was doing his level best to get it to us!   After putting it on/off & every which way - it was unanimous - a Good Fit!  There had to be some wiggle room - because the tree is far from done.   It's lighter & more streamlined too.
Leather over & under
Will the leather work?  Looks like it will!   My poor saddle (Can I still call it that?) looks really poor at this point  - almost a Frankenstein saddle.  Rather than discouraged - I'm encouraged.

 A man in a white hat rode up out of Idaho & made us an offer that was hard to refuse!  His expert help in the reconstruction - Mike of Meridian Saddles.  Mike had never had a saddle go wrong & once he realized that this one had - he was ready to make it right!  Now - the tree goes back to Randy to be finished.   Next - it will be shipped back to Everett - who'll box the whole thing up & ship it all to Mike.  Mike will have the task of turning all of this work back into a working, riding saddle!
A Beautiful Saddle!
My hope?  To have Farah wearing a saddle that is comfortable for her, secure & comfortable for me.  Then - if the the winds of fortune are blowing at our back - to have it back & on her back in time for Mt. Adams!

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