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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring!

On my morning walk~
Yes!  The skies cleared - at least a little - & I headed out for a walk-a-bout.  It's amazing to me how much things can change in just a day or two.  The Indian Plums started blooming so late this year - but now that they are - their flowers look like white lace against any background.    They love the cool temperatures.
Rascal & Nika
When I looked up from the viewfinder - my eye went right back to it!  :-)  As usual - now that they have to wear their PetSafe collars - I have company on my walks again.  We had to replace Rascal's - it had been "chewed" - by his friend I'm sure.  Another $69. into it - the new one has a light that blinks when the batteries are low.  Nice feature for that kind of money!  But I digress...
Indian Plum blooms with Mountain Ash behind~
Back to the walk...  Can't resist another photo of these.  But for color - at least this time of year, the Flowering Red Currants are the first for us here!
Bloom on the Flowering Currants
I used to hang hummingbird feeders in the early spring - but gave it up after I did some further reading & with all the natural sources of nectar - decided to forgo the artificial.  I've already seen a couple hummers & we should be seeing more soon!  I didn't get the flocks of birds that we usually do in late winter.  Will never forget the first morning I looked out to see Groosbeaks!
Nika eating the blooms off the Currants!
 Only a few birds out today - but I've seen lots of Chickadees up in the woods on the few nice days we've had.   The weatherman has reported that we've now had three times our normal rainfall for the month of March & the month is still far from over!  The creek has been flowing bank to bank & I love hearing the sound of running water!
The creek widens out near the road~
The boxwood's we planted a few years ago are finally getting big!  Soon they will be large enough to block the view of pavement.   Such a tough plant & one of the few that can eek out their existence where it's soaking wet in winter & cooking hot in summer.  The emerald greens have done such a fantastic job of insulating us from the road.  I've yet to count how many we've planted over the years.
The light in these photos is so indicative of the high overcast & off/on rain & thunderstorms that are our normal.  Here's to a Great Spring with warm days, sunshine, light breezes & all the things we enjoy this time of year!

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