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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Shoes!

Shoes pulled
It didn't feel like I'd ridden the miles to be ready for shoes again...  Can you tell the incessant rain is getting to me?   The farrier was scheduled & I've got to stay positive when regarding the weather - best to err on the side of positive thoughts - this time of year!   When Justin took a look, the barium nail heads were well below the inside edge of the eventers.
Right front
Left front
Amazingly - we've made it almost through the worst of the winter months with all four feet looking good!  Lots of cup to Farah's feet, thick hoof walls & healthy frogs.  Between bouts of torrential downpours - Justin got the job done!
Left rear
Right rear
Farah's hind feet are somewhat narrow & she tends to wear her shoes slightly to the outside, but otherwise all four stayed well balanced over the almost six-weeks since her first shoes of the year.   When I looked at my mileage - we did have 100-miles on these shoes.  I'm ahead of where I was last year - due to getting in some longer rides in January.  February though - has been kind of a bust.    After checking back over a couple years - it's become obvious that it's February that seems to be the least favorable month weather-wise for riding!
All done!
I ran out of cookies when Justin drove in the last nail!  Good timing all-round!  This time of year, with Farah feeling fresh & the ground too saturated for any play - cookies work.  Yesterday when I turned her out, Nika decided that it was time to start barking - puffed herself up & threatened Farah - from a safe distance of course!  This - Farah took as an excellent excuse for some big time running, bucking, sliding, spinning & tearing up of what's left of her pasture!    Today - I tossed her a fresh pile of hay to occupy her time.

My replacement Garmin 310 did Not come as promised yesterday.  When UPS left without stopping, I went in to call.  They had dropped the proverbial ball & it had not had shipped.  Long conversation - too late for it to go out yesterday.  It did go out today - overnight.  With any luck at all - I'll have it tomorrow, time to play with the settings & have it ready when I do ride again!

Then - there's my saddle...  The old tree is in UT, but Randy has a convention this week...  So - no work on the new tree so far.  There's always Next week right?


  1. Good looking feet she has.

    Ahhh the waiting game....hope your saddle gets done soon!

    I'm about over the rain and soaking wet snow aren't you? Every weekend when I want to head out for a ride, it's either pouring or just about to pour.

  2. Yep - no good at that game! :-) YES! The weatherman says that 6-days into March - we've already met the "normal" rain total! Ugh...


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