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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Clean Bill of Oral Health!

Dr. Holohan with Farah
At least I knew what I was doing when I scheduled another check-up for Farah's teeth!   I wouldn't have been riding today!  It was pouring rain when we left home & really pouring rain when we arrived at Philchuck!  The rivers are rising too!   We hustled to the scale & Farah walked on - 1060 lbs.!  A new high weight for her & I'm not surprised, since we've not had our usual time on the trail.    With the sopping wet pasture & confinement that all this rain creates - I've been keeping that good Eastern, WA grass hay in front of her.   She looks Great - solid, smooth & muscled.
Good News!
 The good news was that the pocket we've been working on for almost a year now - is Gone!  The one on the other side is almost gone too!  With just a little of Dr. Holohan's expert work today - we feel confident that it too will disappear by the time for Farah's annual float in Aug.

While I was there I went ahead & had her given the  Flu Avert I.N. that Dr. Essex had suggested.  Dr. Holohan shared a story of a barn where most of the horses had received the usual Rhio/flu vaccinations.  When horses in the barn got sick - the ones who had not been vaccinated were very sick.  The ones who had been vaccinated showed fewer symptoms & were not as sick.  The final group who had also had the inter-nasal - did not get sick.   I was reminded that Spring is the time horse owners are starting to go to Clinics, out onto the trail & mingling with others...  The time of year where illness can easily spread.

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  1. Cartman and I are right behind you! I'm scheduling his appointment for the first week in April for a tooth check up and also considering putting him on Adequan this year since we'll be bumping up our mileage (at least that's the plan) If I wait until April I can get his 6 month health cert. to get us through our last ride of the season.
    How goes the saddle? I'm waiting for a test saddle and suffering in the reining saddle- ouch!


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