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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Takin' Each Day~

View from our climb up~
When you ride with three friends - on an incredibly beautiful, warm day - there's just no way it's not fun!  Linda was gracious & we filled her driveway with our rigs.   It didn't take us long to be saddled up & hit the trails.  George is home now & taking company - so he's had plenty!  Nothing like having your home filled with noisy, talkative ladies first thing in the morning! 
Arlene on Bizy, Lynn & Sophie
Connie & Farah, Linda & Count
Linda's time out was limited - but when four women, all of whom have been horsewomen most of their lives decide to cut the rug & make time - time does get made!  :-)   With Linda leading, we did some big steep climbs, had all four horses walking out & even did some trotting - though Farah made it an animated canter - mostly in place - worried that Count might, just might - leave her!
It was as warm & nice as it looks!
By the time we reached the Trailer Parking area & porta-potty for a well- deserved stop - there was someone - who was entering ahead of us!  That someone - I think might have thumbed her nose at us as she shut the door?  :-)  Once she'd exited though - I got a really Big hug & it felt So Good!  Thanks Patty!
On our way - photo op!  By Linnea~
 Once back at Linda's - it was a bonus for me to spend time catching up with my niece Kylee - who's moved here from AZ & has been staying at Linda's.  She had a short lesson in giving a treat to a horse & even though Farah managed to drop the first cookie - she was determined to get it & worked her lips around Kylee's palm the second time!

We were all invigorated by the smell of Spring that's in the air & a day as perfect as a day spent in the saddle can be! 


  1. These last couple days have been so gorgeous! Wish I wasn't working or could have taken one of those nice days off ff but it's been CRAZY around there lately. Your day sounds like it was just absolutely perfect!!

  2. What a fabulous day to spend with friends! You all are very lucky to have each other close by...and so glad you made time for the ride!

  3. Riding to the Monument. What fun. We have had some nice days between the raindrops. MB


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