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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Spring!

When I went up to the barn this morning, Farah met me at the stall door.  She dropped her head for the halter - she touched my cheek with her nose - but otherwise kept her muzzle to herself!   After our ride yesterday - I'd decided to do whatever it took to try to keep her low key.  I saddled her quietly & managed to get it done without seeing the attitude that I have for the past week.  Cycle over!
Beautiful Barn~
To me - my favorite sign of spring is the bright pink flowers of the Washington's native Salmonberry bushes!  Today - I found them starting to bloom!  Only in a couple perfect places, but many more were beginning to show some pink!
Salmonberry Blooms!
Lynn drove up to ride with me & we were oh so happy to be out!  I think we spent the entire ride absorbing the sunshine!  I tried very hard to keep Farah calm.  For whatever reason - she wasn't as nasty as she has been.  We did a Nice trot!  Only one head toss.  She followed behind Sophie all the way back - with very little problem.   I have to say it was a relief to actually be able to enjoy riding her again!
Looking back at the farm from the river~
Once we were at the current end of the Whitehorse Trail, we rode out across the pasture to the bank of the river, then turned back south - way we'd come - hoping to loop back up to the railroad grade.
The river was very full, but down from it's high a few days ago.  It was just so nice, riding in the warm sunshine, along the river, over a field covered with growing green grass!  We stopped for a break & let the mares graze - they loved it.
Tin bridge from below~
Our way up was blocked by a deep trench & steep climb.  Turning back & retracing our path was something that we enjoyed as much as the ride out.
Eagles in the trees~
We saw two Eagles in the trees over the river.  We meandered onto any trail that looked interesting & covered over ten-miles.  It was hard to head back - especially since we now have plenty of daylight to burn~!

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