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Monday, March 17, 2014

Trying out a Saddle~

Linda's McClintock Saddle
After our ride on Thursday - when we returned to Linda's, she surprised me by pulling this saddle out & handing it to me!  One of the nicest looking saddles that I've seen in a while.  With - a Deep Seat!  Close contact!  (Linda is the one person I know - who knows full well the importance of a deep seat!)  Over the weekend I played with it - the biggest challenge was getting the fenders adjusted up enough for my short legs.
Morning snow/sleet/hail
This morning the rain turned to white stuff & the temperature at 35 degrees didn't make me want to go out to try something new...  But - I put a corned beef from Kelso Meat Market in the pot (with a beer) & washed up some red potatoes, carrots & started our St. Patrick's day dinner.  It was after lunch that things really warmed up - everything started dripping & I decided that I could squeak out for a short ride!  I didn't bother to put any of my trail "stuff" on the saddle.  I was busy playing with my heart monitor - trying to sync it with my new Garmin.
Farah says the saddle worked fine!
 I decided to use the Thinline pad, the sheepskin on the bottom of the bars is worn down from years of use.   The breast collar needed adjustment & could have shortened it a little more, but I was in a hurry to get out & get back.  I Loved the slick seat, a narrow twist & plenty of security.  Finally - after a couple of stops to re-adjust my stirrups & the electrodes for the HR - I had success with both!  The 310 XT picked up the monitor & my legs felt about right!
At the wetland
The sun felt so Warm!  I had on my heavier jacket - but left it on.  We had to break through around the gate at the top again - I hadn't brought my saw.
Our "trail" is now a stream!
 The trail past the lower end of the large wetland was totally flooded out & flowing over the road & back into the creek.  The deepest was about knee high on Farah.  But on the way back, there were new orange stakes going down the side of my trail - so with the coming of dryer weather - may be the coming of development...
Stakes on the trail...
I won't relish giving up these trails - so will continue to use them for as long as I can...  So sad - to see another wild place disappear...  Thanks Very Much for the loaner saddle Linda!  I'll be riding in style again now!

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  1. That saddle looks VERY comfortable. And I agree, it's so sad to see developers come in and build their close together identical homes. Wish people would just buy the existing homes on the market instead!


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