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Friday, February 28, 2014

Of Sunshine & Garmin!

On the Tin Bridge
Days like these are rare indeed!  Especially the end of February!  Jack drove Lynn up to meet me at Bracken.  It was so warm, so beautiful & with a light breeze.  If we could clone a day like this one & then use them when we needed - life in Western, WA would be grand & - we'd probably have so many people moving here that what's left of our open spaces would dissapear...
Whitehorse Trail heading to Darrington!
Someday - someday - we'll head out this way & go all the way to Darrington!  I hope Farah & I will be the first to do this one too!  Years from now - that's for sure.

I'm without my Garmin & feel positively naked without it!  Garmin had updated all their software & I'd updated all of mine last week with the assistance of a Tech.  We checked to be sure that my 310 was synched & all seemed to be fine.  Right - just fine, until I tried to download the miles from our ride on Tue.  No matter what I did - nothing happened.  So - Wed. I called again - got Tech support & we went through All the steps - nothing...  Even switched computers...  nothing.  So - the Tech said;  "OK, we need to clear all the information on your device."  Not the words that I wanted to hear.  We did that - still data would not transfer.

After another long period on "hold" - my tech told me that Garmin would be sending me a brand new 310!  Something in the device had glitched.   My new one should be here on Monday & my old one is on it's way back to Garmin.  Really a super company to deal with - I just hope they're done updating the software & that my new one doesn't have Any issues!
The Stillaquamish - still low
The parking area was almost full when we arrived at noon & almost empty by the time we were leaving around 4.  Farah lead going out, but settled enough that Sophie lead heading back.  WE did a couple nice trots & even worked up some sweat!  Everyone so happy to be out enjoying such a nice day!  The trails were amazingly dry & holding up well to all the traffic.

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