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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Getting OUT!

On our way~
The day started with blazing sunshine!  It didn't last long before the thunderstorms started rolling by...  Then - the sun reappeared!  OK - that's enough!  I'm Out of here!  Saddled Farah & we started up our usual way to the power lines, that now has the locked gate.  On our way - we saw Lots of hoof prints!   Other riders have found their way into the trails, now that the fence at 132nd is down.
Wetland overflowing~
 Wet!  It was unreal how wet things have gotten!  All that rain we've been getting has turned most of the trails to slop.  Soon we were at the gate...  I tied Farah off to a tree & started looking around.  Found a way to start breaking through.  Almost through - there were several vine maples that had fallen & blocked my path.  I tried to break them, no luck, stepped on them, they went down a little.  I went back for Farah & she was game to follow.  
Where we got out!
Just as I was almost out, she stopped.  I looked back to see one of the vine maples had popped back up & was as high as the top of her leg.  She couldn't move.  I stepped on it, she lifted that leg, but still didn't move?  OK, finally I realized that a horse does have four...  looked at her hind legs, to find another vine maple stifle high on the hind leg.  Now what to do?  I stepped on the one in front, pushed on the one in back & in one big move - Farah freed both legs & moved forward!  As we broke through the last of the blackberry to the road - I gave a big "Yippee" & I swear Farah was as pleased as I was!  We were OUT!
Farah with the blackberry leaves :-)
That gave us back our short loop!  The clouds were starting to roll back in & it felt cold.   So we headed south down the hills.
Wetlands between the north & south power line access~
At the bottom, we turned in the orange gate & down to the paved roads.  Besides a few more beer cans tossed around & car tracks up on grass at the sides of the paving, it was quiet.
At the drainage basin, rain & sunshine~
Ducks flew up off the pond, we kept moving.  I didn't feel like having to dry out my sheepskin seat cover.  Once we crested the ridge back to our side, it was beautiful to see the rain pouring out of the clouds...
View on our way home~
It was short, but it was sweet! 


  1. I love the sound those power lines make. Haven't heard that in a long time! You make the idea of someday settling in the northend seem very good. In October I was enjoying pretending that the sweet stretch of I5 between Marysville and Arlington was the autobahn, but then Aarene told me never do that again!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Looks like a beautiful place to live and ride! Happy trails!

  3. I can smell the fresh rain smell thru your post....love it!


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