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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Amblin' in the Sunshine~

Watery Trail~
After days & days of rain - Lynn & I met at Kathryn Tailor in Redmond for a ride!   By the time we were saddling up about noon, the sun was so warm that I decided on No jacket!  I even removed my thin thermal top!   It didn't take long until we realized that even here, where trails are notoriously good year-round - that it was wet.
Farah enjoys grass!
 When we stopped at the drainage basin, the grass was growing & Farah took advantage :-)  Also - Finally...  the frogs are in song!  Even during daylight we could hear a few crokes!   As I watched - here hopped the little guy below!
Western WA frog :-)
Obviously - they're trying to make up time for the cold February weather that kept them quiet longer than I can remember.   Farah was in full "ornery" mode this day.  Tossing her head, threatening Sophie whenever there was the slightest chance that Sophie might want to pass.  Without my saddle - it makes it hard for me to correct her - but I managed.  Shortly after - we saw two good size Coyote's!  They were determined to stay in the area - so we're wondering if pups are already on the ground?
Lynn & Sophie enjoy the sun!
I told Lynn, I'll owe her miles in the rear - once I'm back in my saddle.  Still recovering from whatever bug those sweet little granddaughters passed to me, I started feeling queasy mid-afternoon - so decided to dismount & do some walking.  Farah took offense to this & picked the fabric of my sleeve off my elbow!  That move resulted in her getting a stern correction & she instantly backed off.   I can already tell that the gold girl is getting her early Spring Attitude!


  1. Yay for Spring Attitude! It has been a long winter. The frogs singing are the first sign of Spring for me. Still waiting..... :-)
    I really enjoy your blog! Get well soon!


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