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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Visit to Ballard~

Butch heading over to his construction trailer~
It was a wet, rainy day in the City & everywhere else in Western, WA too...   I had to get up early...  to accompany Butch to his job site in Ballard.  I'd been wanting to go down & see how the self-storage building was progressing from the almost empty lot that I'd seen in Sept.
From across the street~
As you can tell from the photos, things have changed a lot!
Working in the rain~
The building will be five stories when completed, with a drive through at ground level.  It's always amazing to see a building going up - especially if it's one my husband is doing.
Looking down the front~

This day though - was one filled with sadness...   Later in the morning we attended the funeral of the owner of one of the sub-contracting companies that Sea Con has used for many years.  I'd only met Terry a couple times, but with the first warm handshake, I knew that all the things I'd heard about this man had to be true.  His personal warmth, character, caring attitude & life filled with the love of his family & many friends... cut way too short at only 58...

We were part of a 50 car procession that took us from the Holy Apostles Creek Orthodox Church in Shoreline, to the graveside service at Lake View Cemetery on Capitol Hill, non-stop.  Six motor-cycle police officers escorted the motorcade several miles through heavy traffic & stormy weather, without incident.  (Many people honoring the tradition of pulling to the side of the road as the procession passed.)  At the gate - the officers stood by their bikes & saluted as we entered - bringing tears to my eyes...

We all stood in the wind & rain, listening to the words of comfort - our hearts & minds full of the memories of a man who left his indelible stamp on all who had the honor of knowing him.  Rest in Peace, Terry...

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