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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Great Day to be Alive!

Farah admires the view~
It started out disappointing, I'd hoped for a long ride with a friend, but she didn't have time to trailer up my way...  So - since the day was clearing off, just a few large thunderheads floating over - Farah & I headed to Victoria.
Slightly frozen wetland~
I didn't have any particular agenda - just to cover some ground & see what we could see.  It was quiet, only one other trailer in the parking area when we arrived.  We started out on the regular "loop", heading up to the monument.  The view didn't disappoint - but enough haze in the air to obscure the Olympics.
Looking northwest from the Monument
I decided to head on back down the long downhill & continue to check out the far roads that I've wanted to for a while now.  I got off & started walking - Diane had messaged me, so decided to call her.   Stretching out my walk, Farah stretched out hers & kept nudging my elbow to speed me up :-)  Diane entertained me with ride stories & I could almost see her & the black mare walking along side us - as they'd done so many times before :-)   Yes - I miss her~
Looking east off the ridge~
Every once in a while a cloud would cover the sun & it would feel chilly - but on a 50 degree day in February - there were no complaints coming from me!   On our way - we passed a man with a walking stick & dog, the only person we saw.  After we did some exploring down in the lowlands,  Farah hit her trot on the return, by the time we were engaged in the hill - she went into a gallop.  I thought the walker would be gone - but no - he was still on the hill & as we flew by he yelled;   "Beautiful Horse!"  Made my day :-)
Farah having lunch at the Monument
We crested that hill - at the top finding two ladies on foot at the junction.  We turned left & Farah exploded up the next hill!  I'd told myself that I wouldn't do any fast work while riding the Big Horn, but I just couldn't pull her up  - by the crest we hit 26.7.  This saddle is 15-lbs. lighter than my Meridian - but I'm noticing a huge difference in Farah's attitude.  I can tell that finally - she's more comfortable.   I cringe at what she's put up with over the last year as I tried to make something that didn't work - work.  Now, being ridden in a saddle that cost $350. almost 24 years ago...   the behavioral issues are starting to melt away...  Yes, it's a little tight through the wither, but I'm getting a much better sweat pattern & today we did work up a sweat! 

No word yet from Randy on the new tree...

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