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Monday, February 3, 2014

Riding in the Big Horn~

Farah in the Bighorn Saddle
Well...  Lynn & I decided to ride at Lord Hill, maybe warmer than higher up in the mountains.  I doubt it made much difference, it was still in the mid-30's with a slight breeze.  With my saddle gone...  I'm back to using the Big Horn & not at all happy about it.  I hadn't touched it or ridden in it, since Khari had thrown me so hard back in March of 2011.  It hadn't been on Farah's back until today.  I had Lynn take a look at the fit, she suggested a thinner pad, which she had in her trailer.  We used it, since the gullet width is on the borderline of being too narrow for Farah's withers...  I'd hoped that it would suit her better for the interim, but now have my doubts.

We headed up the rocky trail, Farah in the lead - at a good walk - when hikers came over the crest & she spooked & tried to whirl...  Not like her - she was feeling my insecurity I'm sure.  I managed to save myself - good thing we were only walking!   She caught heck for it, I got a unwelcome adrenalin rush & we continued on.
It was a beautiful afternoon, blue sky, fresh air, cold breeze (we didn't need that) & the trails were in good shape.  The rest of the ride was uneventful, but I did get off on a couple of the steeper downhills, not wanting to put any undue pressure on her withers until I get a feel for how she feels in this saddle.
Lynn takes a photo of the view~
We rode for a couple hours, got in a few miles & by the end of it - I was feeling a little better, but sure not ready to take on any mad gallops!  Good to get out - good to be riding with Lynn - but sure not as much "fun" when I'm worried about my seat!
Farah, worried about the sheep~
It was the first time I can think of in forever that I was actually glad when we returned to the trailers & I could dismount - still in one piece!  :-)  Tomorrow I'll post photos that Mr. Olson has sent of the tree of my Meridian saddle...


  1. You have my sympathies on the saddle woes! I just found out the fitter I was trying to have check my Specialized won't have any appointments open until the end of March! That won't work:( I did check out the SRs and they look really nice- but the wait is 26+ weeks for a custom saddle. I hope your guy can get your saddle straightened out for you!

  2. Sure feels like we're finally on the right path~


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