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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Centennial Trail - Southern Extension Celebration!

Farah greets Lynn :-)
This day was one of Celebration for those who have worked tirelessly toward the continuing expansion of the Centennial Trail.  Washington State was one of the first to recognize the value in the Rails-To-Trails systems that are being expanded across the U.S.  Then - start the long process of acquiring the easements that are the backbone of the lineal trails.

All trail users were invited to the Ceremony of the signing of the purchase & sale agreement for the next 12-miles of trail!   I'd hoped that we'd have equestrians there - with their horses!  (Sadly, that didn't happen - even Lynn had other meetings to attend, so was unable to bring Bizy.)  Originally, the ceremony was scheduled to be held outside, but at the last minute the venue was changed to a room at the Senior Center.  I walked Farah there & she started gathering a crowd of friendly trail users & supporters. 

Everyone was in a festive mood, even on a gray morning.  People coming in off the trail, parents with toddlers, babies, kids who's eyes widened when they saw Farah calmly standing near the front door :-)  Soon, she was the highlight of the morning, posing for photos with several children happily sitting in the saddle for the very first time!    One young man asked if he could put his bike next to Farah - then stand next to it for his photo :-)  Adults too, seemed charmed with Farah's calm demeanor & friendly attitude.  We talked "trail" until the signing was completed.
Photos with the County Executive & Council Members
I was directed to put Farah front & center for the photos~!  By this time, my pockets were empty of cookies & she was missing her usual morning nap :-)  She was so relaxed, even as more & more people surrounded her - I think she about went to sleep!  :-)
With the Mayor & other trail supporters~
 I hope to get some better photos of Farah in the next couple days & if I do - I'll use it as an excuse for another post :-)   There was a second ceremony at Machias Station for the Past Forward Interpretative Project.  I couldn't ride the the five-miles of trail & arrive in time for the presentation - so we headed home.

Even though Farah was the only horse, she seemed to make a very positive impact on everyone there.  Demonstrating by example that a horse can be mannerly & friendly with strangers, even when surrounded by a lot people in very close proximity.   The kind of one-on-one  that's needed to promote continued equestrian use on these multi-use -urban trails!

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  1. That is totally awesome!! Give Farah a hug for me, so nice to see you guys representing all of us with horses:)


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