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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When you think you've seen it all~

Our last trip pruning - helped!
I was in a funk...  Maybe the weather - maybe that I've ridden so many trails, so many times - most everything within reach of a day ride.  I didn't think anyone was riding & it was gray...  But after lunch I decided to Cowgirl up & saddle up.  At least I could still get in a ride from home.
Our old trail~
I decided to take a different trail - knowing that it would end at the locked gate that leads to where houses are now being built - but what the heck.
The gate & paving~
Once here - there's one other trail that branches off - what we used to call our "Running Hill" - a steep uphill grade that we could race up :-)  Now, it's so washed out - that it's more like climbing a ravine.  Farah was game to try it, a couple times I had to lean way down on her shoulder & close my eyes while she dropped her head & broke us through.  At the top - we picked up our usual trail out to the power lines.
Almost there~
It's hard to call a day like this "pretty" - nothing much pretty about it.
Looking south - but we head north~
Even up on top - no view anywhere - just the gray...
But we soldiered on...  The creek was down from what it was a week ago - Farah tried all her tricks - yes - she wanted a drink - no - she wanted to eat! 
Creek Crossing~
 We could actually See Four-Mile rock!  The brush cutter had gone down the lines & cut everything down to the ground.
The Rock~
 At our usual break spot - I remembered that there was one direction that we hadn't had time to take - the last time I'd wandered this far.  Today I decided to take it - figuring it would dead-end shortly.
Farah does orange~
 It actually kept going & I found a trail off of the gravel.  We took it & ended up in a neighborhood at 138th.  That was interesting - but the Doberman that we saw loose - wasn't - so we turned back before he saw us. 
 We turned back & headed to the gas line -
Blocked & "private"
Now, we had one option left - a trail with some big water holes, but we took it quite a way & up a hill & into a very large older clear-cut area.
Looking east
From the highest point, I could see back over to the power-lines & the ridge.  We live on the far side of that far ridge.  I was flat amazed that there's still this much empty land - even though to the right of this photo - I could see a couple roof tops.  It was getting late & past time to head back.
Back to our "home" trails~
It is always a relief to come back into the woods & "our" trails - so peaceful, so quiet.  It was a relaxing, refreshing ride.  Anytime I can ride & find something new, somewhere new & some where different - I wish I'd lived way back when - when you could spend a day in the saddle & see All New Country! 


  1. Love the orange high visibility gear!

  2. Love the ride commentary, I am looking fwd to some exploring!


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