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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good Riding with Friends - Old & New!

Sharon, Pat & Betty
Now that Pat & Donnie are back in the saddle again - it's like ole times!  We also have a new neighbor who has ridden all her life - Sharon - with her gorgeous half-Arab paint.  Betty rode her very nice Morgan mare & works with Pat & Sharon.  Donnie was riding Rao - who Farah has taken a liking to. (The other horses had been out on the trail together & since Farah was the new girl - everyone wanted to kick her :-)  Rao just keeps an eye on her as he moves out with his super nice walk that matches up well with Farah's.
Donnie, Betty, Pat & Sharon
  It was really hard to believe that October is already well under way.  The day - seemed more like early Sept., warm, sunny & just perfect.  Donnie & Rao lead most of the way - we took about any trail we could find & found one twice :-)  I put Farah in back most of the time & she handled it well - only one or two impatient grunts :-)  She thinks she has competitive & non-competitive horses figured out - well enough that she stopped to eat & watched them go off.  But - when she does decide to catch up - she thinks she has to buck & pitch a fit on the way.
Down the trail~
There were several trailers in the parking lot when we arrived before noon - most had left when we returned, but we only saw two other riders on the trails.  We all laughed at ourselves, talking about the coolness in the woods compared to the open sunshine - in October?!
Taking a break~
The Vine Maples are all yellow now & look so pretty in the dark of the big woods - my camera still won't capture that color to my liking.  We were out just over three-hours & it still seemed too short.  In Arlington on the way home the temperature was still 72 degrees!   If this keeps up, I won't be getting anything done around home!

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