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Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh That Smell!

The last of the leaves~
From a rainy morning, the day gradually got better & by early afternoon I thought that if I took my raincoat, I might get in a dry ride!  We were busy over the weekend, I'd cleaned out the greenhouse on Sat., then Sunday we stopped by Linda's & ate chocolate cake!  :-)  Well, we did do a few other things that Linda found helpful.  It was so beautiful - a great place to enjoy the incredible weather, but we both would have rather been riding.
Our neighbors jack-o-lantern :-)
Today I wanted to go back up & see if I could find my orange bandana that I managed to loose my last ride.  We headed out taking the same trails all the way.  From gray & cloudy - the sky started clearing off & patches of blue opened up!
Old road out to our newly discovered clear-cut
It's so beautiful out this time of year - everything so fresh after all the rain & the smell was incredible!  The deep, rich smell of Fall!  A few chickadees were flirting through the trees, but otherwise it was quiet.
We see Pilchuck!
With the clouds lifting - today we could see the mountains that are to the east of the ridge that we rode over to get where we were.   Next - the sun broke through the clouds - very pretty!
The end of the trail~
Farah was full of herself today - too full!  We were heading back when she started some of her antics & I yelled at her!  We rounded a corner & here was a hunter setting in his jeep!  As I rode up, I apologized for my yelling at the mare :-)  Tom laughed & introduced himself.  He's lived in our area for 30-years & said that a few people think that there might be a Cougar in the area.  Farah stuck her head in the jeep & I gave him a carrot to give to her - even if she didn't deserve one!  He told me that bow hunting is over - he had his rifle on the seat beside him.
Almost surreal~
It's so beautiful that it's easy to almost zone out as Farah cruised us back with her big - "We're headed back!" walk!  :-)  Once they switch us back an hour - these late afternoons will be shortened!
Last of the day's sunshine~
The grass is still growing!  Of course Farah's mind is on all that fresh green stuff!  I kept her moving - sure looking forward to seeing my new saddle one of these days - so that the last excuse that she may have - i.e. not a perfect saddle fit - will hopefully be Gone!

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