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Friday, March 4, 2016

Farah's Ride~

The sun was shining early this morning.  I'd hoped to ride with a friend, but the timing didn't work out.  I'd been wanting to check out the Cloverdale area on the Whitehorse Trail for a while, so figured today would work. 
Notice anything?
Catching up on a few things at home, I left a little later than I'd originally planned.  With Farah unloaded, I reached up for her headstall to realize - to my dismay - that I'd left it at home!  No extra in the tack room of the trailer.  I always figure that if someone breaks in, I don't want to lose anything good.  Only the second time I've ever made that mistake! The day was darkening, rain on the way - so no time to go back home for it...
Lots a knots!
Fine then!  I had two lead ropes & she's been doing so well in her hackamore - maybe she wouldn't notice the difference :-)  We started out & she was a perfect angel.  A nice trot, little canter - all was well.  I had to put the knots in the lead ropes to keep them from dangling almost to the ground.
By the time we were at Tin Bridge, it was starting to mist :-)  I say mist - really - rain!  I'd promised Farah her lunch there - the grass is usually growing lush & long by March.
Dead trees now falling~
It was sad to see the bleached bones of the old dead trees, now on the ground from the wind & wet.  The cattle were in their pasture, otherwise it was very quiet.  
Checking out the cattle!
Even after her times at Cow Penning - Farah still does not like cattle!  Something that we'll work on one of these days when the opportunity presents itself.  She was really enjoying the freedom of the halter & being so darn good!  I hardly had to touch the reins all the way.
Rain moves in~
Seeing the rain move in over Mt. Washington, I was really, really sorry that I'd left my rain jacket in the Bronco.  I'd recently washed it, waterproofed it & yet didn't put it on the back of the saddle like I almost always do!
Trail Closed!
I had not been informed that this section was officially closed.  I knew it was being surveyed & the Japanese Knotweed sprayed.  It's a horrible invasive & takes a while to eradicate.
Survey Marker~
The surveyors have been busy in this area, with the original railroad ballast removed in places & adjoining property owners encroaching on the trail easements - the set-backs have been ongoing & numerous.  I would love to see it open - now that the bridges are decked.  At least as far as the Hwy 530 - where the safest way to cross it is still under discussion.

We were getting wet & turned back, picking up the pace.  Then - before I knew it - Farah was running away with me!  I asked her to slow - which was about all I could do, but no - she went into overdrive!  The wind caught under the bill on my helmet, it blew back far enough that the chin strap was choking me.  I was pulling back as hard as I could - tried to turn her head, but with the halter - that was all in vane.  Her attitude was;  "Sit down, hang on & let me REALLY show you what I can do!"  :-)  As she slowed, which I knew she would - she was roundly cussed out!  When I downloaded our ride, her top speed showed at 26.8 - definitely fast!

Dean wanted me to wait to mid-March for this years vaccinations.  Once home, I called & got her on his schedule for Monday.  Usually I dread that - but this time I'm kind of looking forward to it :-)

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