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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Enuf Excitement ~

Yes - we've had some wind~
 It was another quite morning at the Glass School parking.  I'd debated between here & the Morgan Horse Club, but don't have enough of a route memorized at MHC - yet for a good loop.  I wanted to move out & take the southern loop.
Skunk Cabbage
 The skunk cabbage is opening it's stinky blooms :-)  Still - it's nice to see the spots of bright yellow & lime green.
New tree down~
 Just since Linda & I had been here last Fri., this tree had come down with the latest round of winds.  I cut a couple branches & we hopped over.
Going around~
 We didn't go up to the monument today - Farah wanted to make the turn, but we continued on.  I told her we'd have lunch at the bottom of the hill.  When we came to the second turn that would have taken us up - she asked again :-)  "Have you forgotten the way Mom?"
Another tree~
 I pulled my saw out again & cut a couple branches, making it real easy to go over :-)  We met two hikers, we all discussed when the sun was supposed to appear?
The Sun!  We were heading down, when it finally came out!
 We'd been doing a lot of trotting, Farah was feeling really good & we did a little of downhill trotting too.  At least with all the rain, the roads are softer than at any other time of year.
We'd had our lunch & the clouds came back~
 Once on the old Scott Mainline - we trot & gallop.  After receiving my PNER Handbook in the mail & leafing through the ride flyers - I doubt we'll make more than one or two endurance rides.  The majority are in central, OR, or even further south.  That's easily a 7-8 hour haul south for us - through the center of Seattle's notorious traffic.  Four rides in WA & even those are a 6-7 hour haul.  One of my favorites, Bare Bones - which is only about 3 hours away (traffic gods willing) - isn't on the calendar this year.
Old Growth Cedar Stump~
 When we came up on this scene - I had to stop & look...  I always admire the huge old-growth stumps, they are a reminder of what Washington Forests looked like before logging destroyed them.  Now - someone is starting to cut into several that I saw.  I have to hope that this amazing ancient wood isn't going to be burnt as kindling.
Still showing the old marks of the buckboards~
 Things change, I know - but this is another change that I don't like at all.  I suppose if the wood was going to an artist - to make something that would be beautiful, it might make it easier...
We were bad - I wanted to see just how long the little trail is that connects the Scott Mainline with what Linda & I used to call our Running Hill.  It was a logging road, now more of a trail - but the road base still there.
A new name sign!
The length that this trail would be used to connect a very nice winter loop?  2/10ths of a mile.  Guess I need to ask about this?
Not far up the trail - these trees did a great job of blocking our way!  Even Farah realized that we'd been foiled :-)
Nakashima Barn~
 We turned back.  That gave us another three-miles of trotting & galloping.  We made the turn back up to the water station & stopped for a short break.
Farah finding every bit of the green grass!
 We started up the climb & we booked!  I'm using the heart monitor again & I was impressed with her stats.  I always worry that we're not in that ready-for-anything mode - but I think we're fine :-)
 We'd had a great ride, came trotting down the last section of road heading back to the parking area, when we heard the ripping, tearing sound of active logging.  The claw was picking up the big, cut cedars - lifting them into the air, then stacking them.  It was impressive, loud & got my heart rate up!  We didn't get much closer, the operator hadn't seen us - when I decided to dismount.  About then, he whirled the claw in our direction!  Farah went around me as fast & as far as my reins would allow.  Then she stopped & huffed!  Finally the operator saw us & thankfully - shut down!  I let him know how much I appreciated that!
Our route~
We were almost to the glass school road, when we heard the sound of yet more equipment!
PUD at work!
These guys saw us too, shutting everything off, the wood chipper was behind the first truck.  I thanked them - they said they were tired of wind storms & I'm sure that's a Fact!  Back at the parking - we were still the only rig there.  A long ride, a good ride & our speed is going up!  Funny though - how a good run with me urging the gold girl on, doesn't seem to be as much fun for her a running away with me!  :-)


  1. Glad I'm not the only one finding downed wood on the trails! I'm grateful to have a horse who is good at bushwhacking for those times tho.

    Your part of the country is simply gorgeous. One day I'll come ride out there. Thankso for continually sharing photos. :-)

  2. Miss you being just a bridge away!


Always Welcome~