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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Making New Friends~

From a chilly early a.m. - the sun burned through the clouds & the day warmed into the mid-60's!  Farah & I were on the road early, to meet Linda & Elizabeth.  Linda planned to ride Elizabeth's very nice buckskin gelding.  I was the first one to the parking area - we attracted the attention of three people walking their dog.  Introducing themselves, the two ladies - from Taiwan - had never seen a horse in person, or touched one :-)
Farah & her new friends~
 It's always so much fun to introduce strangers to the Equine species :-)  We discussed size, vs. a dog - strength etc.  They both held their hands flat to give Farah some of her peppermint treats & giggled like kids when her lips touched their hands :-)
Trailers & horses~
 Soon, Linda pulled in with Count & shortly after Elizabeth with Tony.  Trying different tack & saddles took a bit, but we got it done!  The morning was just so beautiful - we weren't in any hurry.
Tony ~
 Tony is such an easy going boy - for as young as he is.  Elizabeth owned his dam & looked at several Quarter Horse Stallions before picking Tony's sire.  His training is really solid, his personality is friendly & you can tell he's always been treated as a member of the family.
Tony & Linda
 Linda was all smiles, as we left the trail-head.  Our plan was to do the loop around the mountain & take Elizabeth to the Monument.  With Farah in the lead, Tony was happy to follow her silver tail.  When I moved her to the rear, he looked over at us, but with a little urging took the lead.

The peaks were stunning against the clear blue sky~
  Tony has been on trails, gone horse camping, a been there, done that kind of horse.  What he hadn't done for a while, was much work.  He was willing, but more than happy when we would stop for short breaks.  Count was good for Elizabeth - she was enjoying the ride.  We all know how much fun it is to see our own horse with someone else in the saddle.
Linda, Tony - Elizabeth & Count
 Count did give Elizabeth one of his trademark dirty looks & she got a real kick out of it :-) I - on the other hand, am one of Count's best friends.  Tony figured out why - when he got cookies too.  Farah was having a rare, calm day - I enjoyed it. 
Usually when in cycle, she'll go slow - hoping Count will get close...   This day, she set a beautiful pace, walking out well over 4.- up to 5.1.  If we got too far ahead, she'd slow or we'd stop to wait for our companions.
Linda on Tony
 Tony showed that he has that Arab toughness.  His hind shoes had been pulled two-weeks ago, so he was tender on the rock roads.  Linda put him into a good trot going up fast trail & he hung in there - even when we all knew he was tiring.  Not a wrong move, no spooking & a good attitude.   I put Farah behind both horses, she didn't like it, but didn't argue.
Mt. Rainier, under clouds~
Both Linda & I enjoyed Elizabeth's company, I hope she enjoyed the ride as much as we did.  When we returned to the trail-head, it was full of trailers!  Not the only riders out taking advantage of such a amazing Sat. after weeks of rain!

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