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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Somethin' Like Summertime!

Full Parking Lot
 It seemed crazy today to look at the Calendar & still see the month of March!  With days like these, it's hard to do anything but ride!  From the trailers at the Bracken parking - obviously other riders were of like mind!   I have to be so thankful that I have the places I do to ride.  Not as many as I'd like, with the foothills we have - especially with the heavy logging that's keeping me off the higher roads.  Enough though - that we can mix it up.
Bridge over Harvey Creek~
 We didn't see anyone that we knew, this ride was on our own anyway.  Bracken isn't that large, but large enough that we only saw two other riders.  I hailed, think I recognized one rider - they continued on at the trot :-)  With all the buds opening - the woods have become a wonderland of pale greens.
Tree broken off~
 With the work party coming up in another week, there are still a couple trees to be cut.  It's easy enough to get around this one.  After doing the heavily used section of the Centennial Trail yesterday - it was much more relaxing to be in the woods.
Farah checks out the water~
 I decided that I was plenty tired of Farah spooking each & every time we come to the water tank.  I made all the noise I could hitting the tank with my stick & boot, scooting it around, then pushing the button that starts the pump.  After dancing, prancing, snorting, blowing etc.  she realized that I wasn't going to go until she gave it up!  She finally played a little in the water - I splashed some at her & when we were done, she shook like a dog :-)
On the Whitehorse~
 We did eventually go to the Whitehorse.  Big thanks to the Park Rangers for getting all the trees cut that had been blown across.  Once at Cloverdale, I let Farah graze -  the grass is so thick now that she stayed within 20-ft of me & never lifted her head. 
Horse Heaven~
 Absolutely no one around, just a light breeze in the trees.  The dandelions seemed to glow in the bright sunshine.   It was Very warm too - I knew it had to be well above 70.
Cloverdale Farm~
We went over to the far side of the field & on through the woods to the river.  It was lower than I expected, but beautiful.  The land to the east, is being cleared, trees uprooted & piles burning.  Heaven forbid for development - but with proximity to the Whitehorse Trail & the river, I can see that happening...
North fork of the Stillaquamish
I am So anxious to get the trail pushed through east - to at least 530...  It's on the CTCSC agenda, but getting any official commitment to a completion date, is a on-going struggle.  Now that we have the bridge at French Creek to replace, at a huge cost - a date is further on the horizon than ever.
Heading back~
It was almost 4:30 by the time we were back at the trailer, only two others still there & two cars with bike racks.  Lucky we are - getting this extended break in what's been a very wet spring!

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