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Friday, March 11, 2016

Gathering Storm~

Trees down~
 When Linda & I met at the parking - the sun was shining & it was a beautiful morning!  Linda's new trailer glowed :-)  We decided to do the loop in reverse & weren't a mile out before we saw trees cracked off from our latest western Washington round of wind/rain storms.
These trees too, are now marked to be cut :-(
 It was great to be out, Farah is fully recovered from her vaccinations.  She & Count greeted each other as friends.  Count pays pretty close attention to me, since he knows I usually have cookies in my pockets & carrots on the saddle.
At the Monument
On the way to the Monument, there were a couple smaller trees down, I got out my saw & took the top off one, so we could get around on the trail, rather than climb up the bank.  Plenty of work for upcoming work parties :-)
Layers of blue-gray
 By the time we reached the top, the day had turned colder & the wind was picking up a little.  I don't think I've ever seen so many layers of blue-gray haze to the southwest~  I steadied the camera on the side of the Monument to zoom in. 
Looking Northwest
 Layers of mountains, a glimpse of the Sound, islands & clouds.  The tides looked to be way out, but hard to tell from this distance.
Linda & Count, Farah ~
 Everyone is always happy at lunch time :-)  No one else was around, but as we left, we ran into one guy with his bike & a dog.  He got off & stood on a trail as we went by, which we thanked him for.
 The peaks too, are so changeable - as changeable as the weather.  Just from one week to the next - the mountains express their mood.  The sun broke through the cloud cover & lit the snow on the top of the Whitehorse saddle.
Another tree down~
By the time we were finishing up our loop, it had started misting & that soon turned to rain.  I had to hurry to get to my Chiropractic appointment in Smokey Point.  Though I hate taking the time to go, I've noticed a huge improvement.  The vertigo is better too, but still bother's me if I go too slow - it's the sway of Farah's walk!  :-)


  1. Hi Conie,

    On a tangent now, but I dont do FB so I found you here.
    AERC site had your story about being involved with centennial trail coalition and multi use, including horses, etc.
    Segway to Okanagan valley, BC, rail trail initiative in the making, and I need your advice on ensuring horse use on the trail.
    Please contact me at 250-317-8347, equiessence@hotmail.com
    I'm a member of Bcctra and erabc.


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