Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rainy Day Fun~

Pat had been looking for a local trainer willing to work with us & our horses.  One of those just-for-fun things we could do on a rainy day.  After some checking with people in our area, Pat visited Denise - who was willing to take us on.
Over hill & dale~
We were up early, at least for me - & on the road.  Now that both Pat & Linda have nice new trailers - I have to say that the view from behind is sure nice!  :-)  It was pouring rain, so we'd picked the right day.
Farah - "What are we doing here?"
Farah is in the middle of her usual screamingly bad March cycle...  No fun for me & I doubt it is for her.  Turkey's, goats, a strange place & she was on edge.  She recognized Sharon's handsome gelding & Pat's mare Destry, so that helped. 
Around we go~
 Denise asked each of us what our goals were.  Pat of course - wants to jump & jump she will - I'm sure!  Donnie is planning to take some lessons on the big Drafts!  I want to be there for that!  Sharon & I both were interested in control & relaxation.  All of us interested in furthering our knowledge of the basics of dressage.
Farah distracted...
 After one huge spook, Farah settled down - but was easily distracted by the ducks outside.  Denise did a wonderful job of explaining what she was asking us to do, how the size of the arena would work & after a warm-up period, began by walking us through a proper 20-meter circle.  There are many days I wish I had an arena at home & this was one of them.  It's so nice to be in the saddle & stay dry as the rain pours down.
Following the leader :-)
It was really fun to learn new things, get a refresher on some of the old stuff & just enjoy a relaxing morning in the saddle.  When we moved to the trot, Farah maintained her composure.   Denise did mention that Farah is sensitive & agreed with me that it's always best to end on a good note - which is what I did.  She was impressed with the forward that our horses had, mentioning that the trick with arena work, is to keep it fresh for both the horses & riders.

After 90-min. I know I was ready to be done!  It's amazing how tiring lessons can be :-)


Always Welcome~