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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chronicle of Change~

New baby lambs at the neighbors :-)
We left from home.  One of those changeable, very early March days that brings sunshine & showers - within minutes of each other!  Both of us happy to be out - I love the fresh air March brings.
Looking southeast~
Living in Colorado, as a kid - I will never, no matter how hard I try, get the love of higher places & elevations out of my system :-)  I have to stop & admire the views each & every time I'm here.  Just a few miles away now, is heavy traffic - congestion & all the things that we moved away from the cities to avoid over 25-years ago now...
A new house under construction~
Through the last of the remaining buffer - we can see the new homes being built - to move yet more people into this area. 
Farah listens~
 Farah stopped to listen to what was going on.  Even she, knows that changes have happened & more occurring daily - those trails over there - are gone.
Cathedral Grove~
Our Cathedral Grove, is now coming to ruin.  With all the woods being cut nearby - the winds are moving across areas of the forest where they were blocked before.  Of course, when - not if - this property sells, I'm sure they'll be cut & everything bulldozed.
Almost to the power lines~
Here too, the strong wind storms of the last year did their damage to the young alder.  Alder can't take the winds anyway & had their start years ago at the edge of the cleared area along the power lines.  Still - I've never seen so many broken off.
Flowering Indian Plum
The flowering plum are just one of my very favorites!  White lace against the green mossy background of the woods.  Decoration for the wedding of Spring!
Looking south along the power lines~
On a clear day - I can see Mt. Rainier from here - today - the clouds were moving in quickly & the wind felt chill.  I went from a long sleeved shirt to my jacket about here.
We did take the trail that used to form one of our loops to check on the houses.  I didn't feel like riding through today.  People are moving in almost faster than the homes can be completed.  Can you just imagine? 
The Salmonberry add their bright pink to a now gray day!  Buds everywhere! 
Mt. Pilchuck
The clear-cut logging going on behind Granite Falls has destroyed the view of the lower hills below Mt. Pilchuck.  Makes me sad to see - but the almighty $ rules.
My view to the South~
I haven't looked up the name of this peak - but it's a stunner!  This view gives you an idea of the roll of the Cascade foothills.  Another piece of forested property was cleared in the last week or so.  The noise from Hwy 92 & Getchell can now be heard from most of the valley.

Hence, the title of this post - as I look back on my rides, the change has crept in so fast!  I wish we'd had blogs way back when we first moved here & started riding in the hills behind us.  I do have a few pictures, but wish I'd had the foresight to take more, with a better camera.  The last, large open space - so diverse - is under it's final siege & I'm the unhappy witness to it :-(

Farah was just great today - we enjoyed each others company.  I let her stop to eat several times - after all - when faced with a smorgasbord, that's what I'd want to do :-)

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