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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hay you Say?

Gray, wet, nasty morning on the Snoqualmie Pass~
A week or so ago, Butch said;  "Call Everett & see if he has any hay left."  "What!" I say...  Why do we need more hay?  Well, it seems that three ton was not enough to hold our gold girl over the Winter!  Lucky for us, Everett had enough stockpiled & was willing to sell us another ton.
Kachees Lake
Grandson Ben was up for the trip, so this morning - in the rain we headed over.  I'm always amazed at the difference in the weather from our wet side, to the dry side of the state.  The sunshine was very welcome, but the wind was blowing something fierce.  I was a little surprised that the rivers didn't have more water flowing, since so much of the snow on the pass has melted.
Toward Ellensburg
I always enjoy the drive, at least when the weather is decent.  It wasn't that cold, but the howling wind sure made it feel colder than it was - the chill went right through me.
Butch, Ben & Everett~
Ben loves climbing up to the top of the hay barn - so he gets the job of pushing the bales down to Butch.  Everett handles the supervision & we catch up on the news of the day, while watching Butch & Ben work :-)  Always such fun to visit & head home with those nice bales of good hay!  Now, if our 1,080 lb. mare can mange to keep from eating it all until June, we'll be happy!


  1. Holy cow, I've never thought much about how much 'poundage' in hay we go through, tending instead to think in #s of bales or $$ spent.
    Now, to do some ciphering...

  2. These are 100 lb. bales :-) 21 or 22 to the ton~

  3. Seven tons a year for us, for three horses and a very small pony...but we also utilize pasture! "Hay burners", for sure!

    1. Yes :-) Farah gets her pasture time every day too!


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