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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

60's & Sunshine!

The Olympics
From 29 degrees when Butch left for work, the sun soon burned through the frost!  With Farah in the trailer, we were on the road for Victoria, where Linda was waiting at the trail-head.  I'd finally been feeling close to my old self - when I hit my head on Sat.  Yesterday, the vertigo got bad, after all the traffic Courtney expertly drove us through. I was a little leery, wondering if I could get through another ride feeling decent.
A Seahawk decorated tree~
Someone has decorated a little cedar with blue & green ornaments - a few with the Seahawk logos too :-)  It felt so good to be back in the saddle.  My helmet didn't hit my cut - that was a relief.  If I frown or do anything with my forehead though - it hurts!  We headed to the Monument for lunch - the sun felt So warm, even with a light breeze blowing.
Farah Going for the grass :-)
Farah would have stood on her head to grab huge mouthful's of the freshly growing green grass!  Linda & I caught up on all the news.  On Sat., her neighbor's son was riding with his sister, ponying her horse - when a group of riders going fast rounded a corner & spooked their horses.  His sister fell off - luckily unhurt.  Time to remember that there are green horses & green riders out enjoying this great weather.
Linda & Count - Lake McMurrary Overlook~
Count was feeling his oats today!  We trotted, galloped & really had a great ride!  Linda noticed too, that Farah is doing less bucking when we bring up the rear - again - we both think due to her new comfortable saddle.   She was in season too - Count was happy that he was again on her good side :-)

Both Farah & I are happily comfortable now.  A working saddle is such a boon to us both, the hackamore has made a difference too.  Continuing my visits to Jay seems to be helping me.  When those strings of gray, wet days start getting to me - I think Winter will never end...  But the flip side, comes when we get to enjoy days like these!  The sheer fun of riding out in the wide open spaces, in the bright sunshine, on a great mare & enjoying the company of a good friend!

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  1. Ya !!!! Good news, back in the saddle and feeling well, what a beautiful day too!!!


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