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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Simply Stupid~

A week ago Monday I came down with the start of a cold.  I'd worn myself down driving 2,800 + in nine-days.  Then, volunteered at the Tractor Supply Grand-opening in Monroe for the BCH - exposing myself to the public.  I tripled up on my Del-Immune & by the end of the week, thought I had it kicked.  Not...  Woke this Monday with so much congestion in my lungs that I called my GP & went in!  He was shocked & they entered me as a new patient - I hadn't been in since 2012.  Thankfully my lungs were clear - he told me to stop at the pharmacy for sudafed (yes I had to sign) & Ibuprofen. 
Well on our way~
I did all that!  Waking today - to sunshine coming in the windows & with the congestion mostly gone - I decided that of course I could ride!  It had been over a week & that is way too long!  Saddling up took more effort than I expected - Farah is finally starting to shed, but we got it done!
Farah's worried look~
Not wanting to overdo - I thought that our short loop would be plenty.  I dressed in warm pants & a thermal shirt.  First, I was cold, chilled but OK.  Farah wanted to do some trotting & by the time we'd reached the power lines, I was hot!  Way too hot & sweating under the thermal pants.  I wasn't feeling very good either...  Farah could tell & had a worried look...
Looking south~
Oh well, I'm stubborn & could see no good reason that we couldn't continue on - go up to the apex of the loop & start back.  As we broke to the open, our friend the Red-Tail Hawk, flew away from the woods & perched on one of the towers.  As I tried to get the photo, I about fell off Farah - feeling very dizzy.  I was so thrilled that he sat long enough for me to get his picture!
Red-Tail Hawk
 Then the cold chills hit.  I'd gone from sweating to freezing in minutes.  Still stupidly stubborn, we continued on to the top of our loop, where I dismounted.  I decided the only thing to do - would be walk & try to warm up.  I walked & Farah followed, putting her nose in the middle of my back to herd me along.  The walking did help, but I knew I'd have to remount to make any time getting back home.
Washington Red Cedar draped in moss~
By the time we were back at the new Beaver Pond, I was felt like I was paying double for my bullheadedness.  I had to remount to get through where the bulldozer had torn things up - Farah was sinking in 6".  The vertigo was terrible, every step she took I felt like I was going to fall off...  Soon though - we were back at the top of last hill & it was a relief to be able to walk again.
Pilchuck covered with fresh snow~
The extra time I'm taking with Farah to work on our calmness really helped today.  She only got excited twice & when I backed her & asked for her head to go down - she responded & again walked like a lady.

Once home, I could hardly unsaddle.  By the time Butch arrived - it didn't take him long to realize what I'd done :-(   Especially since I spent the evening violently ill...  Today - I'm going to take it easy!  Easy I say!


  1. I've heard of stubbornness but that takes the cake. I certainly hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks Barb, every day I wake hoping I'm better, but not yet...

  2. oh goodness, thought you sounded sick after I hung up. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I suffer from the same syndrome as you. Fortunately, I am learning to listen to my body, instead of letting my brain override what common sense tells me to do. This has taken years and I am still a work in progress. The pictures are beautiful, and I am glad you got back safely. I suggest you wait to ride until fully healed. Take care.

    1. Thank you Kathy - I can't believe how long this is holding on, don't want to take any more steps back!


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