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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Whidbey Island - Winter Visit~

Having missed our usual January camping trip to Whidbey - due to my unexpected trip to Colorado, we changed our reservation to this - our birthday weekend.  It was about noon on Fri. by the time we left in absolutely torrential rain!  Just a mile before the Conway exit, I-5 north came to a total halt.  We crept a few feet at a time for over 30-min.   A semi-truck was overturned & beyond, traffic was moving again.  It was a relief to take the turn to the island.  We stopped first in Oak Harbor to visit Seabolts for a late lunch.  While we ate, it rained more, the sun briefly appeared & as we left a stunning double rainbow lit the sky!
We're here!
We set up camp - all done just before dark.  Soon to kick back & enjoy one of the best movies we've seen in a long while;  Bridge of Spies.  Totally riveting & a based on a true story.  Only once did we have to backtrack after being buzzed by Navy Jets that about took the tops off the trees! 

 It rained off & on all night - Saturday morning dawned cloudy & foreboding - but dry!  With our usual lack of preparation, (thinking it would be a short hike :-) we put the dogs on their leashes & decided we'd hike over to Cornet Bay & check out the cabin remodels that had been under way our last visit. 
View from one of the Cabins at Cornet Bay
 Such a beautiful spot - the cabins turned out amazing!  All modernized, with stainless steel appliances!
One of the newly remodeled cabins~
Since the weather was holding, we took the Discovery Trail.
Salmonberry bloom~
On our way, I found my first Salmonberry bloom of spring! A bit bedraggled by all the wind & rain, but such a bright spot of color on such a colorless day!  The air was so fresh & it felt so good to be out & walking - after weeks of being sick.
The little Underpass
 Before we knew it - were at the little underpass that takes you over to a trail to North Beach!  This can be such a secluded little beach & it was on this day.  Lots of cars up in the parking area, but just a few people out on the trails, none on this beach. 
The "Cutter Rock" heading under the Deception Pass bridge~
This was one of only two boats that we saw - what a beauty it was!
Great Blue Heron~
Right on the tip of shore, just under the bridge, was this Great Blue Heron.  I had to zoom in to get this photo - grainy - but such an amazing looking bird.  He finally flew off as the boat went by.
Rascal checks out a smell...
Still not raining - so we climbed up to the base of the bridge & decided to take the perimeter trail back around to Cornet Bay.
Stunning trail~
Once we got away from the bridge & around the bluff, the noise of the highway faded - I love the quiet!  We did run into a couple groups of hikers, everyone friendly & out doing what we were - enjoying time outside!
Looking at the end of Cornet Bay - where we'd started.
Very low tide & by now the wind was starting to pick up, just a drop or two of rain.  The dogs were very patient waiting for me to take photos :-)
Nika & Rascal~
We were well past the mid-way point in our hike, we'd had a couple decent uphill climbs & I was still feeling OK!
Flowering Red Currant & Madrona
Our Valentine gift was to see these early blooming currants - so pink & springlike against the red of the Madrona bark!  The trail was lined with them!

On our way home Sunday, we stopped at what's become another of our favorite watering holes - the Skagit River Brewery!  If you haven't gone, Don't!  We've been told that there are days you can't get in the door!  It's a fairly small place with not only great beer, but good food too!  We enjoyed their fresh out of the tap Blackberry Cider!  A great end to our holiday weekend :-)


  1. NIK looks like she loves being a hiking dog!!

  2. Looks like a great adventure !!

    1. It was sure good to get out & about again!


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