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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Looming large~
 I've only experienced bad vertigo when riding twice.  The first on a "Y2K" ride, the second - on the 2nd of this month.  I tend to associate whatever I was doing when it happens with getting sick...  Today, when it looked like we'd actually get a break in the never-ending rains I knew it was time to Cowgirl Up...
 Farah hadn't been out until yesterday - when she spent a while tearing up the pasture.  She had her happy face when she realized that I was actually going to saddle her up!  I planned a short ride!  Taking my hand pruners, the goal was to cut all the long, nasty hanging blackberry that I'd had to dodge on my walk back last time.   It gives us an opportunity to practice side-passing, I can't believe how well she understands where I want her to be.
The neighbor's field is growing!
 As I made the climb up the hill on foot, I felt hot - took my helmet off & hoped I wouldn't feel worse.  I'd just worn cotton tights & shirt, taking a jacket around my waist.  At the top of the hill, I mounted up.
The newest houses under construction are on the left~
 The noise from the construction wasn't too bad, but we knew they were there.  At the far end of this section of trail is the outflow of the large Wetland.  I couldn't believe how much water was flowing over the trail.  It dropped down into the creek using the Beaver's drag path.  The culvert must be totally clogged.  I love the sound so captured it with the video below.

 On the good trails - we did some trotting & Farah broke to a gallop - soon it was a faster gallop & gosh it felt good!  I wish we had the room here to do the miles & miles of galloping that friends in CA enjoy.  This has got to be one of the wettest years I can ever remember.  Ground just saturated, so much mud etc.  Once we were up & on the power lines, I dismounted & took a nice long break.  Ate a few nuts, drank some water & let Farah graze.  The sun felt so good & I was so relieved that I'd made it that far.  I decided to drop south just a little way to check out that Wetland.
South wetland
 It was as beautiful as ever & full on both sides of the road, but not going over the top.  This section had been filled with large quarry spall a couple years ago.  From here - I decided to play it smart for a change & start back.
The "new" Beaver pond~
The Beaver pond was full & overflowing!  The dam is a little further down from where I took this photo.  I worked at keeping Farah calm on our return.  Once or twice she tried her little head drop/shoulder shake - but she's doing it less & less.  As Temple Grandin has written;  we're making a new picture in Farah's brain!  The realization that this saddle doesn't pinch her shoulders.
Pat's Snowbells!
Pat's new automatic gate opener has presented us with some challenges, but soon all the quirks will be worked out!  It was fun catching up with Donnie on our way out & with Pat on our way home.  Pat has such a knack with bulbs!  

Home long before dark, mare calm, me calm & better yet - feeling pretty good!  It's so good to feel better!

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