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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Clearing Trail~

From whence we departed~
I planned to ride today - the weather was forecast to be stellar & it did not disappoint!  But - instead - someone I know well asked if I'd like to do some exploratory trail clearing?  I've had thoughts of divorce - after years of a solid relationship, my loppers had not only beaten me at my own game, but with a backhanded hit!
The loppers~
Regardless, when it comes to doing some exploring - I'm always up for it & the loppers were required.  We got a pretty early start, it was chilly enough that I started out in my polar fleece vest.  Soon, though - it was by the side of the trail.  Amazing how quickly the day warmed up.
If you know the dog, you know his owners :-)
 Mostly, we cut through blackberry & lots of it!  Butch had provided me with two pairs of safety glasses, one set tinted, the other not.  I used both & ended up with only a poke on my cheek.  We were working on a very old trail, one that I have never ridden.  (Jay's laser really seems to be speeding up the healing of my cut!)
Old growth stump, broken cedar laying on top, with nurse trees~
We were far enough into the tree farm, that it was wonderfully quiet.  It felt good to be out in the fresh air & getting in some good exercise.  For my reward, I was taken on a hike to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen on this side of the state.  It was stunning & I'm sworn to secrecy.
Being watched!
We did hang a few ribbons, so that I have a chance of finding my way here - horseback - on my own.  Direction-ally challenged was again mentioned :-)  One thing I did notice, was new trails being put in for bikes.  They have marked them in places with rock cairns at the edge of the logging roads.  Most look steep & technical.  I wish we had more manpower to re-open more of the old horse trails.

There will be a trail clearing party at the Morgan Horse Club on Sat. April 9th!  Be sure to mark the date on your calendar!

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