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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sunshine Came Softly~

Farah 9th Winter~
Still not 100% - it was incredibly hard to see a day like today & not be riding.  I'm so scared of the return of the vertigo.  I made a pact with myself to not ride again until the congestion is totally gone & it's not.  I am gradually gaining strength - but if I do much - I'm whipped.
Rear view~
With temperatures warming up to close to 60 - it was a perfect day for Farah's long overdue bath.   Then - a good excuse to get some photos.  I keep a lightweight sheet on her, but we'd had several hard rides & she'd done some sweating.  She's finally shedding too - the arena dirt brown hair is coming off!  :-)
Light on her feet!
It felt so good to be out in the warm sunshine, as usual I got soaked too - but - no complaints!  Such a spring like day - scrubbing away to loosen all that hair was the closest to fun I could get without being in the saddle. :-)  There's so much good to be said of bathing a horse - running your hands over their body, you can feel so much more than your eyes can see.
Enjoying what grass is in the yard~
 Farah is as rock hard as she can be.  No lumps, no bumps, no swelling - sound as a dollar & working nicely as ever off her rear end.  Lots of flick with those hind feet too, as Dean would say.  I'd hoped we could go to the ride the end of March, but the date conflicts with two other commitments we've made :-(
Ah sun~
Instead, I'll just hope I can feel like myself again soon!  I've lost a couple good endurance riding partners over the years.  Our schedule of riding during the week doesn't help.  We've planned some great horse camping adventures & I look forward to that!  Maybe an endurance ride or two?

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