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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another year!

Original Birthday Greetings from daughter Courtney, talented founder of Duvall Handmade~
My birthday was something I was never fond of until my amigo Dean reminded me years ago - of what the alternative was!  Since then - I've Celebrated every one with gusto :-)  The day started with birthday wishes via PM from eldest Grandson Ben!  Flowers, card & balloon from my husband too!

 I was on the road early to Smokey Point Chiropractic - it had been well over a year since I'd visited after Farah & I had fallin' off the bridge.  Since I'm still working on feeling better - it was time to see if my ongoing headache & vertigo could be alleviated.  Dr. Jay helped - I'm set up with a new treatment program & really hopeful that it will help!

Some light shopping - picking Valentines cards for our grand-kids, then a really nice, quiet lunch with Linda.  After pouring morning rain - the sun appeared as I drove home.   There was a big box waiting!
My new Saddle Bags!
I'd been looking for saddle bags, large enough for a bottle of wine!  Thinking ahead to this years trip to Cave B!  (These were highlighted in the Feb. 2015 issue of Western Horseman Magazine.)  Insulated, with plenty of pockets for lunch & bottles of wine too!
Great Card!  :-)
 That small unknown singing group from Duvall, called to sing me the birthday song!  There's a new baritone in the ensemble!  Another call & a beautiful sweet rendition by our youngest Granddaughter, Josie!  Butch was home early - we ended the day with a fun dinner with friends in Arlington!   I looked through every birthday greeting that I'd received on Facebook - too fun!  So nice to be remembered on that one day of the year that makes each & every one of us special!

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