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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Beagles at "Play" :-)

Rascal & Mischief
Rascal has mentioned several times, that Mischief does Not Play Fair!  She tries to take any advantage she can!  You'd think from this photo that she's in Big Trouble...  but not - Rascal will Not let her dominate him & every once in a while he has to remind her who's boss!
The energy these two expend playing is amazing!   One of these days I'll have to try to catch it on video :-) 
This morning the dogs favorite person came to visit!  Art, our horse shoer!  The Candy Man!  Nothing like darting in to get a freshly trimmed piece of hoof - that gives plenty of good chew time!  Rascal was two-years old on April 16th, Mischief just turned a year-old on the 15th!  
Mischief - one year old~
 I'll  have to try to get another photo of her without the wireless collar...  Five fenced acres & we still have to use the "invisible fence" to be sure that they don't find a way out!  Having her almost killed once by the neighbor's pit bull is enough for me..., 

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